Why bother?

Hi to the Ex-Christadelphian group:
I married a lady who became a Christadelphian after we were wed two years. Being something of a liberal free thinker and an Atheist I have supported her in her beliefs out of respect and she took our kids to Bible schools and Sunday school and generally raised our kids in the system. 
I did offer the kids some balance and my perspective which they seem to have followed and none of them as adults are Christadelphians.  
Over the years I have attended many, many Christadelphian functions with my wife along with many Sunday morning meetings.  I have been encouraged to become a Christadelphian and have had some moments where I had to defend my unbelief but generally have tried not to get into a debate in which I could prove Christadelphians wrong (which they obviously are).     
My question to your group is why work to dissuade another of their beliefs. I have thought over the years, ‘what profit is it for me or them if I prove them wrong.’  We all know that religion has a hold on billions and many of us will at times have strange ideas. Seems to me that someone's beliefs are sacred and should be left alone.
Ralph Winsor    

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