Trapped in the Christadelphian web

Are YOU trapped in the
Christadelphian web?
By John Bedson

I thought that Joe's comment (click here) was an excellent description of the plight of many Christadelphians. 
".... by the time it has dawned on them that it is a load of nonsense it is too late; they are in the web and can't get out.
The overwhelming majority of Christadelphians are not converted; they are born, bred and conditioned into belief in the religion. The same is true of all faith based religions.

Christadelphian young people in their teens are unable to comprehend that they are trapped. They think that they can make an unbiased and rational decision for themselves as to whether they should be baptised or reject the faith. But we Ex-Christadelphians who have been through their experience know that this is NOT true.

1. CD young people are trapped by the addictive power of their own cognitive biases that deceive them into thinking that the religion has merit. Confirmation bias has an especially strong role to play in distorting their view of reality and causing them to accept the erroneous conclusion that the religion is true.

2. CD young people are trapped by the fact that their family, relatives and friends are mostly already enmeshed in the religion. As a group they believe ludicrous things; but the power of group delusion convinces them that because their peer group believe these things, then they must make sense. Rejecting the religion means rejecting, and risking rejection by their family, relatives and friends. This is a very high price to pay and it is easier for them to not think along that pathway.

3. Christadelphians who have spouses and/or children in the religion are especially trapped. To come out as an unbeliever will cause strain and friction within their immediate family. It is easier for them to remain in the Christadelphian culture, distorted thinking and jargon than to impose stress within their marriage and family.

4. There are financial considerations. Christadelphians often disinherit offspring who deconvert. That happened to me. CDs often remain in the religion with an eye to making their eventual retirement more comfortable by protecting inheritances, or places in comfortable Christadelphian retirement homes.

5. Because Christadelphianism is exclusive, deconverting means losing their social support network and having to make a considerable effort to establish a new group of friends. This may not be possible or effective. This is emotionally distressing, painful and stressful. The human mind protects itself from this sort of trauma by preferring to reassure itself that ridiculous religious notions are true.    

Christadelphian conversion has nothing to do with the power of the Word of God bringing people to belief and faith. Instead people are born into, or walk into the Christadelphian spider's web and become entangled. Leaving becomes more difficult than staying. Believing religious nonsense is a small price to pay for the comfort of conformity. Deep down most of them don't really believe it or they would practice their religion a hundred times more enthusiastically and with greater conviction than they do. So they settle down into the culture of Christadelphianism and waste the remainder of their lives until they are lowered into their graves never to rise again. 

It is a club. It is a form of culture. It suits weak-minded people who suffer from a mild form of social paranoia, insecurity and who have a chip on their shoulder. It allows them to have easy answers to difficult questions without having to think hard. For some it allows them to swim as big fish is a very small pool. Christadelphians can feel holier-than-thou, despise brilliant scientists and biologists who have the evidence for Evolution and have a smug sense of satisfaction that they think that they know the future that is hidden to everyone else on the planet.

But in reality they are trapped in the Christadelphian web and the big black spider of death is eventually going to kill them. They are no more going to rise from the dead and be rewarded than they are going to fly to the Moon or build a house on Saturn. Ex-Christadelphianism is their only escape.

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