New book, video and genetic evidence proves Bible prophecy wrong about the Jews

By John Bedson

The Invention of the Jewish People authored by Shlomo Sand, professor of History at Tel Aviv University, debunks one of the central myths of the Christadelphians - that the preservation of the Jewish people through history and their recent return to Israel is evidence of the existence of God and of his ability to inspire the Biblical prophets to accurately predict the future.

In his book, Professor Sand explains that evidence for a Jewish expulsion from Israel in Roman times following the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132 CE is completely missing. Moreover there is no evidence for the Christadelphian myth that that the Jewish Diaspora commenced at the time of the destruction of the Jewish second temple in 70 CE, sixty two years BEFORE the final Jewish revolt against Roman occupation. 

According to Sand, the historical evidence shows that most Jews never left the land of Israel in the Second Century CE and that their descendants in Palestine mostly converted to Islam in the Seventh Century CE to avoid having to pay the tax imposed on non-Islamic religions by the invading Muslims. The genetic descendants of those Jews are therefore amongst the modern day Palestinians, who by a cruel twist of fate have been evicted from Israel by the Zionist "Jews" who, according to the genetic evidence, are actually the descendants of Gentiles who converted to Judaism over the course of the past two thousands years.

Black Negro "Jews" in Israel are obviously not
descended from Hebrew origins
This explains the existence of the many tens of thousands of black Ethiopian "Jews" who have migrated to Israel in recent times. The Hebrews were never a black skinned people; they were Semites like the modern day Arabs. Those Ethiopian "Jews" were not descended from the Hebrews. They converted to Judaism at some distant time in the past, but genetically they are Gentiles. The same goes for the majority of modern white Zionist Jews and Israelis. Genetically they are Gentiles descended from people who converted to Judaism many hundreds or thousands of years ago. 

This also explains the many substantial differences, both genetic, intellectual and cultural, between Ashkenazi "Jews", Sephardi "Jews" and other sorts of Jews. Very few, if any, of these "Jews" are descended from the original Hebrews of the First Century CE. They are descended from Gentile converts to Judaism; but they are not Hebrews and therefore Biblical prophecy can't apply to them because they did not descend from Abraham. If there was a Jewish "diaspora" (a relatively modern concept) it was a diaspora of Gentile converts to Judaism, culturally held together by the Jewish religion, but not by common descent from the Hebrews.

Over time, these Gentile converts came to think of themselves as descendants of Abraham. They forgot their Gentile origin and as the generations passed, memories of their true ancestry faded. They began to think of themselves as "Jews" and in modern times demanded the right to return to the land of Palestine (Israel) which they never left and was never their land. The land belonged to the Palestinians, many of whom were genuinely descended from the Hebrews and who over the passage of long periods of time had forgotten their Hebrew origin when they avoided the Islamic tax and converted to Islam.  

One of the primary purposes of translating the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek in the Septuagint Bible was to promote the mass conversion of Gentiles to Judaism. In Hellenistic and Roman times Judaism was a fiercely proselytising religion. The monotheistic theology was considered to be superior to primitive Paganism and Gentiles were keen to accept the new Jewish faith. In the early centuries CE Christianity spread the same way and was mostly considered to be a more Gentile friendly version of Judaism. It was only later that the two religions clearly diverged and became two completely different faiths. 

We must not overlook the amazing success of traditional Judaism in Greek and Roman times to convert large numbers of Gentiles in the Greco-Roman World of Africa, Europe and parts of Asia. These converted "Jews" formed what later became known as the "Jewish Diaspora." 

Between 650 - 965 CE Judaism became a dominant religion in
Khazaria. - Even the rulers converted to the Jewish faith.
Ashkenazi Jews, who form 90% of the World's Jews, are
believed to be descended from these Gentile converts, not
from the Hebrews.
Modern genetic evidence confirms this.

Genetic Evidence
Doctor Eran Elhaik

Genetic evidence published by Eran Elhaik, a 33-year-old Israeli Jew from Beersheba who earned a doctorate in molecular evolution from the University of Houston and is now a  post-doctoral researcher at John Hopkins University, provides the scientific underpinning for professor Shlomo Sand's work. In “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in December in the online journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik says he has proved that Ashkenazi Jews’ roots lie in the Caucasus — a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas — not in the Middle East. They are descendants, he argues, of the Khazars, a Turkic people who lived in one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries.

In his article Elhaik writes:
Though Judaism was born encased in theological-historical myth, no Jewish historiography was produced from the time of Josephus Flavius (1st century CE) to the 19th century (Sand 2009). Early historians bridged the historical gap simply by linking modern Jews directly to the ancient Judeans; a paradigm that was later embedded in medical science and crystallized as a narrative. Many have challenged this narrative (e.g., Koestler 1976; Straten 2007), mainly by showing that a sole Judean ancestry cannot account for the vast population of Eastern European Jews in the beginning of the 20th century without the major contribution of Judaized Khazars and by demonstrating that it is in conflict with anthropological, historical, and genetic evidence. (Patai and Patai 1975; Baron 1993; Sand 2009).

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This new evidence about the origin and nature of the Jewish people destroys one of the very few remaining supports for the Christadelphian religion. Jewish archaeologists have already convincingly demonstrated that there was no Exodus and the original Hebrews did not conquer the "Promised Land" under Joshua. Instead they were nomadic Canaanites themselves, who peacefully settled the Highlands of Canaan and continued to worship Canaanite Pagan gods until the time of Josiah. Now Israeli scholars are presenting evidence that the Hebrews of Christ's time were not dispersed from Israel by the Romans  in the First and Second Century CE, but rather they were assimilated into the Arab Palestinian population in the Seventh century CE. Now they live in Palestinian refugee camps and fight "Jews" who are really Gentiles.

The "Jewish Diaspora" over the past two thousand years was not a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. Instead it was a Gentile religious and cultural phenomena that had its roots in conversion to Judaism many hundreds and even thousands of years previously. Some of those Gentile "Jews" were converted to Judaism in Hellenistic times hundreds of years before Christ was even born. Many of those "Jews" are Negroid which proves that they were never Hebrews. Most modern Jews appear to be descendants of Khazarian Gentiles who converted to Judaism before migrating West in huge numbers into Poland, Germany and other European countries from 965 CE onwards.

There was no "Jewish Diaspora" in Europe. It was a Khazarian diaspora of Gentiles who took their national religion of Judaism Westwards. This accounts for the vast numbers of Eastern European Jews who could not have reproduced and multiplied from a small Hebrew origin.

Once again the Ex-Christadelphians have been proved to be right in rejecting their old religion. Christadelphian belief in Bible prophecy is challenged by this new evidence. God did NOT preserve his people throughout history. The majority of the First Century Hebrews appear to have remained in Palestine and been absorbed into the later Islamic culture and religion. Today, as Palestinians, they are oppressed by the Israeli Ashkenazi "Jews" who were originally Gentiles living in the area that we now call Ukraine. 

Watch this video to see professor Shlomo Sand
explain his new theory about Jewish origins

Below is a map showing the major Jewish communities in 70 CE
at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple.
At this time approximately 10% of the entire Roman Empire was of the Jewish Faith.

This demonstrates that the "exile" post 70 CE is a myth.
In reality the Jewish Diaspora was a voluntary event that occurred BEFORE the destruction of the Second Temple and most of the Jews of the diaspora were converted Gentiles, not Hebrews.

Source: 'Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People'. Oxford University Press. By Harry Ostrer.

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