We want YOU to star in our next Ex-Christadelphians movie!

This is your chance to be an
Ex-Christadelphians movie star! :)
We are working on a new Ex-Christadelphians movie called "You Only Live Once" that will feature the words and voices of a number of different Ex-Christadelphians explaining why they left the Christadelphians and why they think that life is better outside the religion.  

We want YOU to please help us by writing a short piece explaining why you left the Christadelphians. Your script should last no less than 30 seconds and no more than 90 seconds when read out aloud. We might edit your script to make it fit the time slots available and to synchronise with the backing music and vocals. 
To add to the authenticity we would prefer that you please record your script and email the audio or video file to us for inclusion in the movie. If you are not able to record and send us the audio file, just send us the scrip and we will get an actor to read it on your behalf. If you can record a video of you reading your script that would be even better. If you can't record a video, please send us a suitable still picture of yourself.

Tell your story of why you
left the Christadelphians
Ideally we would like you to include the catch-phrase "You Only Live Once" in your script. But you can leave it out if your script does not need its inclusion.

We would prefer that you use your real name in the script, but if you feel the need to use a pseudonym, that will also be OK. 

Please send us your recording, video, picture or script by email to: Ex-Christadelphians@Homail.Com

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