Robert Roberts' SON was an Ex-Christadelphian!

Robert Roberts
By John Bedson

"Edward Augustus Roberts, son of brother Robert Roberts was baptized young, and married sister Mary Matthews. As Edward Roberts became a prominent and wealthy doctor in London he lost interest in the truth and left it, desiring the riches offered by the world, and taking with him his sister wife. Edward informed brother Roberts of these plans shortly before his death. Sister Sarah Jane Roberts Ladson felt this news was partly responsible for the heart attack of her grieving father in San Francisco in 1898, and called it his "crowning sorrow"."

Editor's Note by John Bedson:

I find it to be incredibly funny that Edward left the religion. I only found out about it a few hours ago and I have not stopped laughing since. I may not stop laughing for a week.

All of those puffed up Christadelphians descended from a Phrenologist (bumps on heads) and we Ex-Christadelphians in the same camp as Robert Roberts' highly intelligent doctor son who realised that the entire Christadelphian show was a scam and voted with his feet to leave; just like us Ex-Christadelphians.

I used to think that Almon McCann was the patron saint of Ex-Christadelphians, but now I realise that I was wrong. It was Edward Augustus Roberts, son of brother Robert Roberts who founded the Ex-Christadelphian community 117 years ago.

I take my hat off to you sir and I wish that I could have met you and enjoyed your company.

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