Robert Roberts on the Theory of Evolution and "Darwinism"

Robert Roberts
By Robert Roberts
"A winged fowl is the cleverest invention in the realm of nature. There is no greater confutation of Darwinism than the birds of the air. The theory of development by use might conceivably apply to heavy creatures of a simple structure; but how could a wing develop by use before it was a wing to use? How could a bird begin to fly without a wing: and how could it get a wing to begin with if exercise were necessary to its getting one?

This is a special difficulty in the case of the myriads of tiny insects which are nothing apart from wings, and never have the chance of developing them by exercise? Enough, enough: Lord Salisbury well says the principle of design is the only sufficient solution of the problems of nature."  - Diary of a Voyage to Australia, New Zealand and Other Lands Chapter 3. 
Editor's Note:

Ken Gilmore and the Berea-Portals are keen to quote the founders on the subject of the Great Age of the Earth. But as noted by the nonsense above, written by Robert Roberts, the founders were hopelessly wrong about Evolution.

Perhaps this is a clue as to why his son who was a doctor deconverted and became an Ex-Christadelphian?


  1. If you believe John Thomas would be different if he saw the evidence for today, why not Robert Roberts?

    1. In "England's Ruin" Roberts makes clear his distain for evolution. I'm at work right now so can't look up up the reference, but will do so this evening. As I recall, he ridicules the proponents of evolution using pretty much the same lame excuses as YEC's do today-almost to the letter. Hence I see no reason he would have changed his mind.
      My unfortunate experience of Christadelphians is that many of them prize being different to other denominations for the sake of being different. Truth has little to do with it.

    2. It seems pointless to discuss RR`s ideas about creation/evolution, because time has moved on, and knowledge has increased and moved on with time.
      If Christadelphians can`t be bothered to research and come to the understanding that RR was seriously mistaken, then they fall into his error.

    3. JJ, P90/91

      Time and knowledge has moved on and the Christadelphians have stayed still, signing up to Swanwick Bible School and promising not to challenge the ideas of the pioneers. Teaching children to do the same. In his book Roberts confirms his belief in phrenology too, decades after it became obvious it was nonsense, perhaps they hold fast to this too?
      Sad isn't it? Locking oneself into this kind of thinking and hoping to win converts with it when as Mancott point out, understanding has moved on so far, wasted lives if you ask me.


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