My application to re-join the 'In the Beginning' discussion forum

Should Ex-Christadelphians be banned from
contributing to the YEC/EC debate on CD websites?
By John Bedson

There are three interested parties to the YEC/EC discussion:

1. The YECs.
2. The ECs.
3. The Ex-Christadelphians.

Like the YECs and ECs we ExCDs frequently publish articles on the debate and discuss it with enthusiasm on our websites.

We are not "Outsiders" or "Strangers." We are baptised Christadelphian brethren and sisters who happen to be in a different fellowship; the Ex-Christadelphian Fellowship.

The Christadelphians can't "unbaptise" us. At the judgement seat of Christ we may be raised to stand on the left hand side of Christ as "goats" while the Christadelphians will be at his right hand side as "sheep." Before we are cast into the Lake of Fire for believing in Evolution we might argue that God should not have created the Grand Canyon, missing link fossils like Archaeopteryx and Tiktaalik, forty thousand year old cave paintings in Northern Europe, Australopithecus and stars billions of light years away if he wanted us to believe that the Earth was only six thousand years old.

As we will have led virtuous lives as Atheists, Christ might allow us into his Kingdom and most likely give us more cities to rule over than the Christadelphians who in their lives acted self-righteously and exclusively by disfellowshiping anyone who did not agree with them and never learned true humility like the Ex-Christadelphians who don't judge anyone.

We are involved in the YEC/EC debate but we are more impartial than either of the two opposing camps because we don't accept either hypothesis.

To exclude us and ban us because we point out weakness in both arguments is surely unjust. Perhaps that is what is needed on your forum; informed, impartial Ex-Christadelphians who are working to enlighten both sides of the discussion.

I was banned from your forum because I expressed sincere doubts that the YECs properly understood the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis. I gave detailed reasons why I thought that way and I offered free copies of a book that would explain the science in detail.

I was not being rude to anyone; I was saying exactly what the ECs say, that YECs don't understand how Evolution works. Your YEC members repeatedly make elementary mistakes like "Evolution is random chance" and "The missing links have never been discovered" etc. These points have zero impact on the Evolutionists and ECs because we know that the people saying such things have completely missed the point of how Evolution works.

Christadelphian YECs often educate themselves about Evolution by reading Trinitarian anti-Evolution material from American Evangelical churches whose leaders often wind up in jail for lying, fraud, theft, drug taking, paedophilia and other criminal activity. We Ex-Christadelphians advocate listening to professors of Biology and reading the appropriate text books and Evolution books written for the lay audience to understand.

Are we being unreasonable when we venture to suggest that Christadelphian YECs may be getting their information about Evolution from hucksters and charlatans and therefore do not correctly understand the subject?

I invite you to open the discussion on your forum to include me and the other Ex-Christadelphians, because we have much to offer to this debate.

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