Our Universe is NOT "Fine Tuned for life"

Our Universe revealed by
background microwave radiation
By John Bedson

It is becoming increasingly obvious that intelligent Christadelphians cannot explain where our Universe and life came from. They know that the Genesis account of creation is not tenable so they have attempted to fill the void with speculative notions such as the "Gap Theory", Evolutionary Creationism, (Ken Gilmore and the Berea-Portal grouping), hybrid Great Age plus Recent Special Creation (Andrew Perry et. al.) and other desperate, compromise solutions to their problem.

They attempt to hide the undress of their proposals by cloaking them in pseudo-scientific garb in an attempt to satisfy their desire for an intellectually satisfying answer. One of the hypotheses that they share in common is an idea that they have imported from the Evangelical 'Intelligent Design' movement in the US. They claim that our Universe is "fine tuned for life" and therefore Goddidit.

As Eric Metaxas puts it:

"Astrophysicists now know that the values of the four fundamental forces—gravity, the electromagnetic force, and the “strong” and “weak” nuclear forces—were determined less than one millionth of a second after the big bang. Alter any one value and the universe could not exist. For instance, if the ratio between the nuclear strong force and the electromagnetic force had been off by the tiniest fraction of the tiniest fraction—by even one part in 100,000,000,000,000,000—then no stars could have ever formed at all." (Source: click here.)

It is true that a small change in the strength of the four known forces (but nowhere near as small as Metaxas argues) would imply that stable protons and neutrons, the basis of atomic nuclei, might not exist. Nevertheless our universe would still exist; but it would be a different kind of universe and would probably support a different kind of life and intelligent life to the type that inhabits our universe.

To argue that our universe is fine tuned for life is to argue that the effect is the reason for the cause, rather than accept the more likely solution that the cause causes the effect. For example it is not at all surprising that our legs are exactly the correct length to reach the ground. That is the wrong way of looking at the matter. A better way to explain the puzzle is to note that our feet rest on the ground because of gravity and the length of our legs determines the position of our waist and the rest of our bodily structure.

If we apply this same simple logic to our universe and life we must conclude that life is fine tuned to our universe and not the other way around. It is not surprising that we live in a universe that can support our kind of life. If it were otherwise we would not exist and some kind of non carbon based alien life forms would be writing on this website instead of hominid Ex-Christadelphians!!

The "Cosmological Constant" which is the energy of empty space that causes the universe to expand over time is claimed to be "fine tuned for life." But if the Cosmological Constant were zero it is likely that our universe would be MORE hospitable to life not less. In fact one could argue that our universe appears to be "fine tuned for death" as we are having a hard time finding life anywhere else in our universe.

Natural human superstition, which is the driving force behind Christadelphian belief in the supernatural and paranormal, creates a cognitive bias to eagerly accept a Goddidit answer to the mysteries that science has yet to explain. But the Goddidit hypothesis is an extraordinary claim that abandons the known physical laws of our universe and invokes a metaphysical answer that lacks the extraordinary proof and evidence demanded of such an extraordinary claim.

Furthermore it is intellectually dishonest and disingenuous to offer such a metaphysical Goddidit proposal hidden behind a veneer of classical cosmology. Physics can't prove the truth of metaphysics, which is what the intelligent Christadelphians are proposing by arguing that the supposed fine tuning of our universe is evidence of a supernatural creator.

As sceptical Ex-Christadelphians we tend to accept the "null hypothesis." That is to say what appears to be significant is regarded by us as background noise or random accident until it is proved otherwise. By contrast, Christadelphians jump at shadows and scream "Goddidit" every time they find something that cannot be explained by more than ten seconds of rational thinking.

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