How the Internet is destroying Christadelphianism and saving their young people

The Internet is freeing young
Christadelphian minds from indoctrination
By John Bedson

Christadelphians treat their young people like mushrooms. They cultivate them by keeping them in the dark and feeding them with crap. That's how I was brought up by my Christadelphian parents, that's how my Christadelphian friends were brought up and to this day that is how Christadelphian young people are still raised from the youngest age.

The paranoid, fideist, anti-science, apopheniacal, parochial, exclusive mentality of their Christadelphian parents is instilled into their offspring by a relentless program of indoctrination that begins when they first teach them to give thanks for their meals to an invisible person in the sky.

They are assured as small children that invisible people called angels are watching over them and that their childhood ailments will be cured by paranormal forces rather than by the natural process of biology, or science. At Sunday School they are taught that all of the magical things recounted in the Bible actually did happen.

The dysfunctional and perverted morality exhibited in the Bible is sanitised. God's ridiculous overreaction to the mistake of Adam and Eve is justified because they "sinned." God's destruction of all of humanity except his favourite family is presented as a cute story about animals on a boat that can be coloured with crayons. The Canaanites were a depraved people for whom total genocide was the only final solution. The greatest brain-wave of God was to torture his own son to death on a Roman cross and ignore his heart-rending prayers for mercy.

When the children of Scientologists are taught by their parents that their ancestors came from another planet they believe it. When they reach adulthood they rarely question the idea and instead preach it to others. When the children of Mormons are taught by their parents that not long ago Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the United States they believe it. When young German children were taught to adore the Fuhrer and that their Reich would last for a thousand years they believed it. When Christadelphian young people are taught that their Kingdom will last for a thousand years, they believe it with equal tenacity. It is no different. It is human, indoctrination, brain-washing, it is mental conditioning. 

It has nothing to do with faith or what is true or erroneous. Reality has no part in this process of corrupt education of the young. The beliefs of the parents are stamped onto their young like calves branded with a hot iron. As the young mature their parents put considerable pressure on them to enter the religion knowing that they will be failing the Christadelphian community if they don't achieve that goal. They will lose social standing in the community and be made to look like failures. 

After attending well over a thousand sessions of Christadelphian Sunday Schools, meetings, public lectures, special lectures, Bible Schools, young peoples gatherings, fraternal gatherings etc. the young people are so docile, so mislead, so intimidated, so fearful of Christ's return that they submit to the inevitable, enter the religion and repeat the same pattern of programing their young into the next generation.

Christadelphians who have been so conditioned think that they can rethink their belief system in their late teens or at an older age. They think that a matured mind will shield them from the indoctrination process and allow them to think objectively and independently about their faith. But every Ex-Christadelphian on the planet will confirm that this is wrong. We who have managed to break out of the Christadelphian bubble know that our minds were powerfully imprinted by an upbringing that created a form of addiction to the religion that was as powerful as that of crack cocaine. 

Christadelphian readers will not have the faintest idea what I am writing about, because they are cursed with this wicked conditioning. They can no more question their fideism than another person can give up smoking.

Ex-Christadelphians watch in pity, but also in horror at their previous brethren and sisters who remain locked in a bizarre method of thinking from which they cannot escape.

For one hundred and fifty years Christadelphian young people have been shielded from outside thinking and from critical, sceptical, independent and reasoned thought about their religion. Dissidents were speedily ejected from the religion and their publications banned. When I lectured off a Christadelphian platform about the great age of the Earth and Evolution I was gunned down by my arranging brethren and threatened with withdrawal if I did not keep my mouth shut. 

The Internet has changed all of that.

Now numerous Ex-Christadelphian websites and support group forums are operating on the Internet. Christadelphian young people at a very young age can find our websites, read our material which explains why the religion is mistaken and they can form their own independent opinions about what they believe BEFORE the Christadelphian indoctrination machine has the chance to turn their minds into corned beef. 

Older Christadelphians who have suffered the shock of mistreatment within an ecclesia, illness, death of a loved one or other calamity can listen to our words while their minds are shaken out of the Christadelphian conviction and allowed to think clearly and constructively.

Small-minded, paranoid, insecure Christadelphians view our work as treachery, blasphemy, or even as proof that the return of Christ is near. But in so doing they merely expose their own intellectual bankruptcy and the rigidity of their own Christadelphian indoctrination. Ex-Christadelphians are broadcasting a powerful message to Christadelphian young people and to wavering Christadelphians.

Our message is one of free thought, independent thinking, critical thinking, sceptical questioning thinking, logical thinking and deduction. We are challenging their preconceived thinking and exhorting them to allow the fresh air of a non-Christadelphian view of the World to blow through their minds and evict the poison of their upbringing at the hands of a crazed, minority fundamentalist religious sect.

A bored young Christadelphian girl at Hoddesdon smiles
when she discovers on
her laptop computer  
Christadelphian young people can now find us on their tablet computers and PCs in the privacy of their own bedrooms away from the prying, invasive eyes of their controlling parents. They can even read our work on their mobile phones in their lunch breaks and recesses at school. They can learn why the religion is wrong and why they don't have to date or marry a Christadelphian partner. They can use the Internet to make contact with their Ex-Christadelphian saviours and seek advice on how to escape the sect. 

The Internet has enabled this wonderful revolution in Christadelphia. It is undermining the religion and freeing its mental slaves. It is liberating them to a world of unfettered reason and understanding. It is opening their eyes to the wonders of scientific thought and discovery. It is allowing chained people to own their minds and allow their thinking to soar above the grasping fingers of elderly Christadelphians who would pull them down to their own hell of depression, bigotry and profound ignorance.

Across the Globe this amazingly simple binary code of zeros and ones is freeing the people of the World from the oppression and delusion of religious doctrine and political repression. The Christadelphians are no different. The 'bytes' of truth and reason are 'biting' them and spitting out their error.

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