Archaeology and the Bible - How the Christadelphians got it wrong

Archaeology has exposed the
Christadelphian understanding
of the Bible as false
By John Bedson

In this fascinating series of videos, Professor Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University explains why a fundamentalist, literalist acceptance of the Old Testament historical narrative conflicts with the reality of archaeological discovery in Israel and the ANE. The scriptural histories were redacted in late monarchical to Hellenistic times and they reflect the political, cultural and spiritual priorities of those times, not the historical times in which the stories are set, hundreds of years before.

Learn why Israeli archaeology proves that the Exodus is fiction, the wanderings in the desert never happened and the Israelites did not conquer the promised land. See the overwhelming evidence that the Hebrews were merely Canaanites tribes and did not descend from a mythical Abraham.

There is no trace of the mighty empires of David and Solomon in the tenth century BC. Even sizable city states did not exist in the Levant until the ninth century BC. It was the Assyrian empire that was expanding westwards at that time, not a mythical Hebrew empire that had expanded eastwards.

No substantial or meaningful tenth century building activity has been discovered in Jerusalem, yet this was supposed to be the capital city of a vast and fabulously wealthy empire! In reality, tenth century BC Jerusalem was an obscure hill-country village located outside the current Turkish walls, ruled by a chiefdom. 

Archaeology has not buried the Bible, but it has buried the foundation clause of the Christadelphian Statement of faith. It has shown us what parts of the Bible are true and what parts are false. It has convincingly demonstrated the Bible to be the work of fallible humans and not the inerrant production of a supernatural entity called "God." 


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