An urgent appeal for help. A sick Ex-Christadelphian is in need of assistance.

Please help a terminally ill
An aged Ex-Christadelphian, who has contributed much to our community and who wishes to remain anonymous, is in very urgent need of our help. This person is terminally ill and cannot meet his substantial medical bills. He does have medical insurance, but this is overwhelmed by his medical costs. This person lives in the United States where health treatment is not free. He and his sick wife are at risk of being made homeless. On the street they will not last long.

We are sending help and we especially thank the amazing generosity of one Ex-Christadelphian who has today kindly agreed to donate US5,000.00. 

But the need is much more than that. Even if our community responds generously we cannot hope to cover the necessary costs. Our informal Ex-Christadelphian community is too small and has no structure or wealthy institutions comparable to the Christadelphian community.

Nevertheless, we can pay token amounts towards larger bills to various doctors and hospitals in the hope that they will continue treatment and ease his suffering.

Here at Ex-Christadelphians we have no experience of dealing with this sort of emergency. If any Ex-Christadelphian or Christadelphian in the United States does have experience handling this type of crisis, we would be pleased to hear from them and take further advice or get them involved.

Please contact John Bedson at:

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