A 19th Century religion that looks ridiculous in the 21st Century

By Joseph Strong

Follow the pictures and the video and then sit back and think about it....

This is what Christadelphians look like:

Here are some more:

Got it? Nice people, yes? Read on:

This is John Thomas, who founded the Christadelphians:

This is what he was teaching 165 years ago:

This is what Christadelphian Paul Billington is teaching at a 21st Century Bible School:

Oh, man, it never changes does it? Everyone is out to get them.

This is what the Christadelphians believe Jesus will lead them to do:

You get the message?

This is my former Ecclesia,in Spalding, Lincolnshire UK:

My kids have  go to Sunday School at Spalding. I  wonder if they teach them knife skills?

Still want to be a Christadelphian? You can get more details from Brethren Ronald Walding, Tim Halstead, Alan Mills, Steve Mills, Peter Craddock, Gary Sheppard, Martin Walters, Andy Lear (Sunday School Superintendent), Adrian Twelvetrees.

Join them in Spalding market on 28th July where you can pick up literature or just discuss previously published pioneer works like that in the video.

See you there!

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