Why an increasing number of Christadelphians are accepting Evolution

By Ken Gilmore

(Ken Gilmore is a Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.)

Video: Professor Avraham Faust - The Emergence of Iron Age Israel

Professor Avraham Faust
By John Bedson
Yet another prominent Israeli archaeology professor tells us that the Exodus story was a myth, the Hebrew conquest of Canaan never happened and the Jewish origin was as Canaanites, not as the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. No Joseph and no Moses. No Law given by God to Israel at Sinai, because it was made up by humans at a later date. As all those stories are not true then there were no promises to the patriarchs. No promises mean no God, no plan of salvation. The entire edifice of the Bible story crumbles into the dust of myth and fantasy.

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The evidence for multiple ice ages in the last 1.5 million years from speleothem growth patterns

The first archaic Homo from Taiwan - more problems for YECs
(Ken Gilmore is a Christadelphian, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.)

What I think about John Bedson and the Ex-Christadelphians

 By Matt Wigzell

I have spent a fair amount of time on your site.  People like you fascinate me. I find myself marveling at your boundless energy to heap yet more and imaginative scorn and ridicule on the community you left, but didn’t. Like that annoying JW who keeps sticking their foot in the door, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to walk away.

My reasons for leaving the Christadelphians

By Anthony Burgess
My first contact with Christadelphians was in the late 1970s, when world events seemed to confirm what they had been saying for many years. There was an Islamic Revolution in Iran and the USSR invaded Afghanistan. Then Mrs. Thatcher came to power in the UK, followed by Ronald Reagan in the USA.

Our Universe is NOT "Fine Tuned for life"

Our Universe revealed by
background microwave radiation
By John Bedson

It is becoming increasingly obvious that intelligent Christadelphians cannot explain where our Universe and life came from. They know that the Genesis account of creation is not tenable so they have attempted to fill the void with speculative notions such as the "Gap Theory", Evolutionary Creationism, (Ken Gilmore and the Berea-Portal grouping), hybrid Great Age plus Recent Special Creation (Andrew Perry et. al.) and other desperate, compromise solutions to their problem.

Why does life exist?

Jeremy England,
a 31-year-old physicist at MIT,
 thinks he has found the underlying
physics driving the origin of life.
By: Natalie Wolchover

Popular hypotheses credit a primordial soup, a bolt of lightning and a colossal stroke of luck. But if a provocative new theory is correct, luck may have little to do with it. Instead, according to the physicist proposing the idea, the origin and subsequent evolution of life follow from the fundamental laws of nature and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill.”

The illusion of free-will proves that God cannot exist

Free-will is a powerful cognitive  illusion. But if humans do not possess free-will, God cannot reward or punish them for their actions. Therefore there cannot be a God. Professor Brian Greene explains in sixty seconds why free-will is an illusion.

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Video: 'What was the Exodus' - By William H.C. Propp

William H.C. Propp, professor of history and Judaic studies at the University of California, San Diego, explains why he does not believe that the Exodus story is true. 

An urgent appeal for help. A sick Ex-Christadelphian is in need of assistance.

Please help a terminally ill
An aged Ex-Christadelphian, who has contributed much to our community and who wishes to remain anonymous, is in very urgent need of our help. This person is terminally ill and cannot meet his substantial medical bills. He does have medical insurance, but this is overwhelmed by his medical costs. This person lives in the United States where health treatment is not free. He and his sick wife are at risk of being made homeless. On the street they will not last long.

Archaeology and the Bible - How the Christadelphians got it wrong

Archaeology has exposed the
Christadelphian understanding
of the Bible as false
By John Bedson

In this fascinating series of videos, Professor Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University explains why a fundamentalist, literalist acceptance of the Old Testament historical narrative conflicts with the reality of archaeological discovery in Israel and the ANE. The scriptural histories were redacted in late monarchical to Hellenistic times and they reflect the political, cultural and spiritual priorities of those times, not the historical times in which the stories are set, hundreds of years before.

Ezekiel was WRONG about modern Israel

Ezekiel was wrong about
everything that he predicted 
By John Bedson

Thirty five years ago I wrote the book on Bible prophecy about Modern Israel. - Quite literally.


Credo Quia
By Credo Quia Absurdum

Australian Christadelphians seem to be getting increasingly active in combating what they see as the heresy of theistic evolution in their midst.  A recent video posted on the Christadelphian Video channel on YouTube addresses the dilemma:

A 19th Century religion that looks ridiculous in the 21st Century

By Joseph Strong

Follow the pictures and the video and then sit back and think about it....

Debunking a creationist meme on human evolution

By Ken Gilmore (Ken Gilmore is a Christadelphian, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.)

By now, I am sure most people would have seen this anti-evolution meme which has been circulating on Facebook and e-mail for some months:

Robert Roberts predicted that humans would never fly!

 "The air can be navigated..... But by what kind of machinery? Here is the secret. It requires living machinery of a most complex and subdivided character, and all under the command, to its minutest fibre, of a will acting with lightning speed and with knowledge of the motions wanted. This can never be done by lifeless mechanism. Air ships are a dream."

Robert Roberts, ‘A Voyage to Australia, New Zealand, and other Lands’, The Christadelphian (32.377.413), 1895.

A critique of Kel Hammond’s 'The Testimony' magazine article “The Bible, science, evolution and creation”

The Ken-Cat
By Ken Gilmore
(Ken Gilmore is a Christadelphian, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT condone the Atheist position of this website.) 

I’ve previously referred to the regrettable fact that in response to the growing acceptance in our community of the fact of evolution, magazines such as The Christadelphian and The Testimony are doubling down on their attempts to defend the indefensible. Kel Hammond is the latest author recruited by The Testimony in their desperate attempt to rebut evolution.[1]

Still haunted by Christadelphian memories

Dear Ex-Christadelphians

I have only just come across your website. I was a cdn for over a great many years and resigned xxx years ago. I have never doubted that my resignation was the right option. My question is that after all these years, I am still haunted by the memories of those times, and have never been able to completely move on. I still see a couple of cdns from time to time, it might help if I ended all such associations. But are you aware of other ex-cdns who have had issues like this? If so can you give me any information on how others have coped with this.

Thank you
Anthony Burges

Video: Ken Miller on Intelligent Design

Editor's Note: Ken Miller is a Catholic Theist who rejects Intelligent Design and Special Creationism.

Video: Science Faith and Religion Discussion

Bill Blakemore hosts scientists Lawrence Krauss, Ken Miller, Guy Consolmagno, and philosopher Colin McGinn in a fascinating conversation on faith and science. Insights from psychology, philosophy, biology and physics make this a memorable and thought provoking discussion. To cut out the long and tedious introduction start watching at 17m.45s.

The Dark Side of Christadelphianism

By Steve Pryde

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Scientific evidence against a global flood

The Ken-Cat
By Ken Gilmore
(Ken Gilmore is an in-fellowship Christadelphian, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.) 

Claims by YECs that there is considerable evidence for a global flood are completely without support.

How the Internet is destroying Christadelphianism and saving their young people

The Internet is freeing young
Christadelphian minds from indoctrination
By John Bedson

Christadelphians treat their young people like mushrooms. They cultivate them by keeping them in the dark and feeding them with crap. That's how I was brought up by my Christadelphian parents, that's how my Christadelphian friends were brought up and to this day that is how Christadelphian young people are still raised from the youngest age.

Friedrich Nietzsche on religion

Friedrich Nietzsche
1844 - 1900
"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche