They Sought 'The Truth' - But Found Only Lies

Early Christadelphians c1865 thought that they had found 'The Truth'

By John Bedson
How terribly sad. What wasted time, effort and expense. Christadelphian founder Dr John Thomas and his followers down to the Twenty First Century thought that they had discovered 'The Truth'. But in reality it was just another comforting human delusion that ignorant people had devised to placate their fear of death and lack of purpose in life.

They formed a religion that was supposed to rule the World with Christ in a future age. But in reality it was merely a club of like-minded individuals clinging to nonsensical beliefs that had no meaning.
For over one hundred and sixty years they sought in vain to make historical events in their own lives fit ancient Biblical prophecies, claiming that they had been "fulfilled." But in reality they had their heads handed to them on a plate over and over again as the full extent of their error became manifest with the passage of time.
The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 gave them hope that they might be correct after all. But in reality, now after sixty six years have passed since that event it has become obvious that the Bible prophecies were nothing like the actual turn of events since that time. The Jews in Israel have not lived in "Peace" (Ezekiel 38) at all. Quite the reverse. It was not a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. It was only a meaningless coincidence of history. Christ did not and has not returned.
It was supposed to be a religion that proclaimed 'The Truth'. But in reality the discoveries of science since the days of John Thomas and Robert Roberts have exposed many of the beliefs of the religion to be pagan myths and fables. Life, the Earth and the Universe was not created as described in Genesis. We now understand their true genesis and it is entirely different to the genesis that the Bible writers plagiarised from Sumerian, Arcadian and Babylonian clay tablets. We now have those pagan cuneiform scripts in our museums. They predate the Bible by thousands of years and they make a mockery of Christadelphian claims that the Bible is inspired by a divine entity. It was inspired by pagans and ancient scribes who were making it up out of their own imaginations.
I find it to be quite amazing that in these concluding days of 2014, with all of the wonders of scientific knowledge and discovery freely available on the Internet, that people like the Christadelphians should want to clothe themselves in Fideism, Apophenia, Parochialism, Scientific Luddism, Confirmation Bias, Group Delusion and tribal allegiance to their family religion in order to cling to their absurd religious beliefs.
In so doing they shackle their lives to a cadaver of an organisation that is wholly irrelevant to modern society and enlightened human endeavour. They make themselves look ridiculous to everyone except those who share their delusion. They parade as a laughing stock and amusement to Ex-Christadelphians who have walked the path of common-sense to escape the religion and now look back at the asylum with incredulity that they could ever have been so wrong.
We sorrow that our dear brothers and sisters remain trapped in the Christadelphian bubble, even as our eyes twinkle with laughter at their behaviour. Now they are talking about having a "split" over Evolution. :)  They might as well have a "split" over which side of their toast should be spread with butter - it is so ridiculous.
Take heart my fellow Ex-Christadelphians. We were once like those people but we rose above it and made our escape. There is no shame that we were once like them. We can be proud of ourselves that we had the strength of mind to overcome the vice-like grip of human Cognitive Bias's and resume our search for The Truth. 

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