Mars Curiosity Rover discovers new evidence of possible life on Mars (With new video)

Life on Mars would disprove the Bible
By John Bedson

The recent announcement that the Mars Curiosity Rover has discovered methane being episodically "breathed" out of the surface of Mars is a tantalising clue that life either does, or once did, exist on that planet. Almost all of the methane on Earth is produced by living organisms.

Organic compounds have also been discovered by Curiosity in an ancient lake bed in the Gale Crater.

Most Ex-Christadelphians think that the Genesis account of Creation is a Hebrew myth redacted during the Babylonian exile. If this is true we need an alternative explanation of how life originated on our planet. If we were to discover life on Mars, or on any other planet, we would be part way towards explain how this happened. If life can be shown to be common throughout our universe then it would demonstrate that non-divine biogenesis is a realty and it would be another convincing reason to think that the Bible is mistaken.

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