Our universe IS NOT 'fine tuned' for life - Christadelphians refuted by renowned cosmologist Andrei Linde

By John Bedson

Professor Andrei Linde
thinks that our universe
originated from nothing
Christadelphian claims that our universe was created by God and 'fine tuned' for human life are rejected by leading cosmologists who explain the new scientific discoveries and thinking about the beginning of time and the start of our universe. The mythical Biblical claim that "God created the heavens and the Earth" has been shown likely to be erroneous and superfluous to a correct understanding of our origins. 

Professor Stephen Hawking thinks that
our universe originated from nothing
In recent years, leading astronomers and physicists such as Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking and others have made huge leaps in understanding how these things happened.

In this new video, the famous Russian theoretical physicist Andrei Linde explains how our universe came into being without the need for a fantasy, supernatural "Goddidit" explanation.

Professor Lawrence Krauss thinks that
our universe originated from nothing

Among the first theoretical physicists to provide a consistent and workable theory of the expanding cosmos, Andrei Linde, working in his native Soviet Union, first published his version of cosmic inflation in the early 1980s. He joined the faculty of Stanford University in California in 1990. Cosmic inflation describes the process of how the universe expanded from the infinitesimal to cosmic size in a fraction of an instant. That lead to the formation of galaxies, stars, planets, living things and intelligent life on Earth.

Gravitational waves from inflation put a
distinctive twist pattern in the polarisation
of the Cosmic Microwave Background
An American team of scientists working on a project known as BICEP2 has been using a telescope at the South Pole to make detailed observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background. They have recently found a residual marker for "inflation" - Andrei Linde's theory that the cosmos experienced an exponential growth spurt in its first trillionth, of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second before it slowed to its current rate of growth.

This discovery adds weight to the hypothesis that our entire universe originated and inflated at awesome speed from a naturally occurring quantum fluctuation in Time/Space.  

Ken (Gilmore) and Barbie
Evolutionary Creationists such as Christadelphian Science Denialist and Creationist Ken Gilmore believe that God magically created our universe with the sole purpose of getting a small group of hominids on one of the trillions of planets in our universe to worship him. In a recent article on his blog he wrote of Ex-Christadelphians who :

"..... try to give a scientific veneer to their unbelief."

- He is correct! We Ex-Christadelphians reject his ancient holy book written by priests and con-men in the Iron Age. Instead we study the reality of modern scientific discoveries and thinking to add yet another layer to the many stratums of evidence and reason that convince us that Christadelphians are fundamentally wrong about everything that they believe.

Ex-Christadelphians don't need to have all of the evidence that the universe began this way without God. All we need to show is that there is a credible, plausible and scientifically supported way in which these things happened; together with some empirical evidence such as the CMB data. After that the onus is on Christadelphians to come up with some empirical evidence that their extraordinary paranormal explanation is true. They can't do that because they are claiming a miracle at the start of the universe. By definition that flouts the laws of physics and is not provable. It requires faith in the place of evidence and opens them to our accusation that they are being na├»ve and superstitious.

Faith founded on emotion, insecurity, fear of death and superstition cannot rationally be thought of as a god's requirement for salvation. Ergo there is no God. Or if there is a God, he is out of his mind.
So forget the contradictory pagan inspired creation myths of Genesis and the rest of the Bible. Watch Andrei explain what really happened when time started and our universe spontaneously exploded into existence from a quantum field fluctuation and then inflated at mind-blowing velocity without the need for God.

Also watch below as Professor Laurance Krauss explains how our universe really did originate from 'nothing.'
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