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The Bible Exhibition-Full House

By Ex-Christadelphian, agnostic and member of the human race, Joseph Strong.
Many thanks to Tina for bringing this to my attention.

It's not often that I feel sad for the members of the religion that I once held dear, such has been the difficult relationship I have had with them over the last 17 years

This month though I feel just a tiny bit different. In a surprisingly frank admission, Bury St Edmunds Ecclesia in the UK has admitted that it's last “Bible Exhibition” on July 26th, failed to attract a single visitor. Even feeling as I do, it is hard not to feel just a little sad at the spectacle of one's former religion dying away before our eyes.

Because of legal threats by the Arranging Brethren of Bury St Edmunds, I am no longer able to quote directly from the article, but urge you to read it fully via the link provided.

The start of their problems is in the advertisement itself. As ever the Bible is touted as a means of predicting the future. There is no mention of the love of God, the love of Christ, or how the Bible message could influence the reader or listener's life now, but only as a future possibility. This is a serious mistake, one look at the flyer would tell any savvy person that this is not a mainstream group. It would warn them off

The second serious mistake is to offer a web address. Those of other denominations, who may be tempted to visit the “exhibition” but decide to visit the website first, will find that it is filled with articles that are filled, not just with criticism, but outright nastiness toward all other denominations. Just why would a Catholic, Anglican, Methodist or  Baptist want to visit the Christadelphians when their beliefs are so relentlessly dismissed, denigrated and mocked, month by month by Christadelphians without a single, loving non-judgemental word being uttered? (you will need to read their previous articles to fully appreciate this fact-they will like this :) ). They really need to get some sales technique. Abusing the customer is just not on.

The narrative of the article goes on to bemoan the fact that they cannot think that not even 1 in 10,000 might be interested in God's message, and goes on to admit that people (justifiably) regard religion as a source of evil and hypocrisy (Amen to that!). There are of course many that would be interested in the Bible message, but very few who would be bothered with the menacing, threatening and doom laden interpretation that the Christadelphians put on it.

At the risk of (another) take down request, here is a direct quote from the article:

“Then there are those who don’t want the inconvenience of believing in God and leap at theories that the universe and life created themselves: so the theory of evolution is accepted as fact and people do what is right in their own eyes or just give themselves over to hedonism.”

Yes, that's right. "Believe" in evolution and all your morals, and standards have gone. Belief (by that I mean acceptance of scientifically proven fact) in evolution  has become to the Brethren and Sisters of Bury St Edmunds, and many others besides, mutually exclusive with a belief in God. In a very real sense, this is to deny what the founders of the religion believed, and what as Ken Gilmore lovingly points out to us. The Christadelphians have become, by any reasonable approach, false teachers. When this drives their own away, they rejoice, when it fails to attract others, they condemn. That is the sadness of all this. These people have hidden themselves from the light for so long, they really do have no idea, but seek to drag others into their darkness.

It is a victory

Yes, you guessed it, nobody turning up is itself a sign of the times:

“Perhaps today’s lack of response to preaching is a sign that we are getting close to the point when God has reserved sufficient faithful men and women to reign with the Lord Jesus when he returns. In that case we continue to preach in the hope that when he comes, some will remember what we have be saying and be ready to welcome his reign rather than join those of Revelation 17:14 who make war with the Lamb.”

The lack of response to Christadelphian teaching is a sign that it is now very easy indeed to be better informed than it was even a few years ago. When that teaching can be shown false in just a few moments, trust, and ultimately faith, just crumbles away. Were I still a theist, I would advise them to wind their necks in and get real, to focus on what the Bible can do for people in the here and now, and to lose the doom and gloom and the warnings, punishments, judgments. If I were having a bad day, I would tell them that nobody turning up was the hand of God at work telling them to stop talking crap and do something useful. 

How very sad. It isn't a sign that the Christadelphians are about to reign with the Lord Jesus. It's a sign that in 2014, the ramblings of prematurely aged, science denying people, following a nasty agenda set out by a slave owning, indecisive doctor and his spiteful acolyte, is no more influential than a telephone directory in the development of our world. It is an arrogant and self important pronouncement.

Although I've moved on and seen the light, I still find myself shocked at the sheer arrogance of and self importance of these people. They really and truly believe that they will rule the world and have been chosen as special, that they alone have the "key" to the truth. 

Walking away was the best thing we could ever do.

The Christadelphians are fading away, fast.


I have included a copy of the bill as I consider this to be “public domain” as it was distributed about public places. It will be removed if requested by the copyright holder. No infringement of copyright is intended by the author or this website.

References that imply that the author of this article has any religious belief are incidental-he does not.

Comments made may be forwarded to the Bury St Edmunds writing team at the discretion of the author and will be credited.

Addendum 24/08/14

 I wanted to bring home that from the word go, that the original article is a destructive criticism of all of the people that they would seek to convert. Word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, the people of Bury St Edmunds are relentlessly attacked because they didn't turn up to listen to the Christadelphians expound their own very narrow interpretation of biblical prophecy.

The titles of the talks they were planning to give were thus:

Bible prophecy fulfilled in the recent past.
Current world turmoil in the light of Bible prophecy.
The Bible’s solution to all the world’s problems.
Being part of God’s plan for the earth.

They had no intention at all of preaching only yapping on about what THEY think is about to happen 
The Christadelphians  have not the slightest knowledge of the lives those 10,000 lead, the troubles they face, their beliefs, and questioning of those beliefs, their hopes and aspirations, responses to adverts, need for flash, their charity, their wealth, (or lack of it), their ability for profound thought, their thoughts and understanding of evolution or how they act on those thoughts, or indeed anything else. But still they condemn. The complete opposite of what their supposed Lord and master, Jesus is thought to have done.

 In fact they could not even be bothered to push bills through door any more, thinking that sticking a notice in the Library (where East European migrants go to use the computers), the bus station (where only those without a car go), the park (dog walkers), newsagent, (where a few old people without Iphones, tablets or PC's go to get their news). But it is the fault of these people, not the lazy Christadelphians!!!

Mancott has pointed out to us in posts before that Christadelphians seem to live in a mirrored room, Steve Pryde's posts have linked to article that have shown that the religious mind projects it's own view onto God. What we see here is that every scripture the Bury St Edmunds team have referenced is one of God's spite and judgement on people, not one of them is about love, hope or anything of the sort. What we see is the content of the Christadelphian mind,scriptures scoured to fit it's twisted thinking, and projected onto God. We are allowed to look into that mirrored room of pompous superiority, that they cannot see out from, Yet they believe that on the strength of the flimsiest of evidence, and a poster in a bus shelter, people would want to lock themselves into that hate filled room, and turn their backs on a world that the Christadelphians do not even know?

Mancott asked me what I meant by “the good ones should be left behind”. I meant that if the “good ones” wouldn't lift their hands to vote out AB's who think like this and publish articles like that, and have so little regard for their fellows, then maybe they aren’t such “good ones” after all.
The Christadelphians know that numbers are now dwindling to such a degree that some events can no longer be held, and others are having to be combined to make them viable at all. It isn't a sign of the times, it's sign of desperation.

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