Visualising Space/Time

By John Bedson

Following up on one of my comments where I explained that our universe was not created by God but instead erupted out of "nothing" - which I defined as Space/Time; this video helps us to envisage Space/Time as like a fabric, not as empty space.

The limitation of this demonstration is that it is only two dimensional, not four. The fourth dimension being time. But nevertheless it may help the viewer to gain a way into this highly complex subject that is made more difficult by our inability to visualise and conceptualise what is happening in "nothing."

"Nothing" is actually the canvas upon which all matter and energy is painted. "Nothing" is the sea in which the fish of energy and matter swim. "Nothing" is the medium in which they exist. It is not "nothing" as we think of "the absence of stuff." "Nothing" is Space/Time and everything appears to exist within it. 

The video is only meant to help us understand how gravity operates in Space/Time. It does not explain the quantum fluctuations in quantum fields of Space/Time that was the point of my comment and likely the origin of our universe. But it's better than not being able to visualise "nothing" and might enlighten the viewer.

I suppose you could say that this video is "better than nothing."  :) 

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