The Logical Fallacy Competition

By Joseph Strong, retired theist

My apologies to regular readers, I am currently working 13 days on, 1 off, so I have not been paying as much attention to the work of this blog as I usually would. However, the other night whilst enjoying a video by the lovely Ali Brustofski my regular subscription to Rugby Christadelphians video channel tempted me to watch the video embedded below.

Firstly, a disclaimer. I am not related to either of the presenters. I very vaguely knew one of them in a past life, a long time ago. I have no axe to grind with him.

That out of the way, I chose the video for the reason that although it is “modern” from a Christadelphian perspective, none of the arguments put forward are new. The video demonstrates that to stop the rot, the Christadelphians need to do far more than attempt to high-jack a pseudo-scientific argument from ignorance, that is itself, in it's modern form, nearly 30 years old.

Here are the rules, watch the video once, jot down the fallacies you spot (some come out more than once, you can count them twice), check your answers at  and post your results here. You can then sit back, watch Ali's video (she deserves the views a lot more than Andrew and Tec do) and wonder what the hell possessed you to get involved with the Christadelphians in the first place.

Direct link to video click here  Hint: If you don't find 10 in the first 6 minutes-go back and try again!

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