150 Years of the Christadelphian Magazine

Can the CMPA be trusted?
By John Bedson

This month's Christadelphian magazine is full of self-congratulatory narcissism proclaiming the brilliance of their editors and the amazing talents of their staff during the past one and a half centuries.

No mention of the last editor who they fired amid accusations of alleged theft and fraud.

No mention that not one of the CMPA trustees or the chairman took responsibility for the scandal and resigned.  

No mention of the thousands of innocent Christadelphians whose lives were blighted and often ruined by the Christadelphian magazine's reporting in cruel detail their disfellowshiping by ecclesias. Often this was for trivial or even absurd reasons such as accepting the scientific theory of evolution, marrying someone who was not a Christadelphian or the sad breakup of a marriage that ended in a divorce.
Editor Michael Ashton
was dismissed

No mention of the tens of thousands of nonsensical "signs of the times" articles and comments that failed to live up to the hype and proved over and over again that Christadelphian interpretation of Bible prophecy is entirely mistaken.

No mention of the thousands of lies and endless misleading statements about the theory of evolution and science in general, as the magazine sought to defend the mistaken Biblical creation myths of Genesis against the reality of scientific discovery.

No mention of the bungling incompetence of their own editors and their sect's leaders and speakers as they drove the religion ever deeper into its current position of falling membership, financial crisis and irrelevance to modern society and thought.

No mention of their current mercenary attitude to their duties as they seek to maximise the profitability of the business and renumerate their employees in the face of falling revenues.

No mention of the rapidly growing Ex-Christadelphian movement which is exposing Christadelphian lies and incompetence and demonstrating that that "The Truth" can be found by rejecting their flawed dogma and self-righteous rhetoric.
The hymn of the Christadelphian magazine

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