No Heritage College for Birmingham (Thank God)

By Joseph Strong

The attempt by the Christadelphians to establish a Heritage College in the UK (Birmingham) has failed again. In a typically evasive Christadelphian worded statement issued on FaceBook the application team blamed an interview with the New Schools Network charity. The statement is slightly ambiguous and gives the impression that following the interview, no application to open a school was actually made. citing feedback from the interview, it seems that they just gave up before they really started. 

The need for them to be inclusive to non-Christadelphian children, and the applicants need to be in opposition to society in general, as principal causes. Scripture was of course used to justify how thankful they are that they did not make the application.

 Full Statement Link

"....however the feedback we received pointed very firmly in one direction. The Free school model simply does not match our aims.

"Amongst other things, the feedback suggested that we would not be inclusive enough towards non-Christadelphian children & that our vision was of a school that is far too small for them. It seems that the Free School model is asking applicants more and more to fit into society's mould, which runs completely contrary to the core vision of all Heritage Colleges worldwide. With passages such as Romans 12:2 in mind, ("Be not conformed to this world..."), we are thankful that it has become clear to us that a Free School model is no longer viable for this project."
As Ex-Christadelphians, we are delighted that the authorities/charity saw through this attempt to impose cultic behaviour on innocent children whilst at the same time excluding those who do not belong to the group. We believe that children have the right to enjoy school, be properly educated and grow up to take their full place in society, not be used to persue a cult agenda and make old people feel good about hoodwinking them into wasting their lives.

Looking through  the double talk in the statement I think we can rest assured that the real reason the application was not made had nothing to do with not wanting to conform to the world, and everthing to do with not having the numbers of children would make the project viable.

 Claiming that NSN thought that their vision was for a school "too small" is utter rubbish, their vision, as stated on their website was for a school of 400-500, here is what they said:

"The New Schools Network (NSN), which support applications for free schools on behalf of the Department for Education, will not quote a minimum figure because applications are approved based on whether they are financially viable, not on pupil numbers.

However, judging previous free school applications, the smallest primary school which has been approved so far has 15 pupils per year group. The smallest secondary free school is one of 300 pupils. We are aiming to make our all-through school cater for 400 – 500 children. We have a very strong basis of committed and interested parents already and, since the DfE allow a period of seven years for a free school to reach capacity, we are confident that we already have enough support to begin with in 2015.

 My own former Ecclesia, despite having millionaire businessmen amongst it's brethren, sent out begging letters to others when the roof and floor needed repairs. Selling their homes and cars and giving up their holidays to fund a school would never be on the agenda. If they could have got the society that they hate so much to pay for the school then they would have been fine with it. What the Heritage College team have actually done is led some gullable parents along, promised what they had no chance of delivering, and spun it into themselves working "in the service of the truth" and then finally had to come clean and admit that they were in no position to even make an application, never mind run a school.

By implying that the NSN "had it in for them"  and appealing to the scripture that they do,they confirm their cult status.

Clearly the "Hand of God" has been at work in Birmingham this week, and it has written a notice on the meeting room walls.

"Take you Victorian ideas, barmy interpretations of scripture, your mad prophecies,your pamphlets, your devious and devisive ways and dishonesty, get down to Digbeth bus station, get on a bus, and don't come back."

"Everywhere Spoken Against"

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