Beans on Toast and Evolutionary Creationism (with new cartoon)

By John Bedson

There is a story about a group of young people who went on a camp but forgot to take any food with them. In the evening they set up their tents and the camp leader discovered that they were hungry with nothing to eat. When asked what was for dinner he replied:

"If we had some beans, we could have beans on toast; if we had some toast." 

Christadelphian Ken Gilmore's 'Evolutionary Creationism' blog suffers from the same kind of desperate, wishful thinking. His followers are going to bed hungry for something of substance.

Evolutionary Creationism (EC) is a compromise between the erroneous account of Creation outlined in Genesis and the reality of what science has discovered about our origins. EC proposes that the Biblical story of creation tells us nothing truthful about our origins and that the opposing account of science is correct. However it hypothesises that a paranormal 'God' did nevertheless create the Universe and used the results of Evolution by Natural Selection to accomplish his purpose with mankind.

This is obviously NOT what the Bible says and it is also NOT what modern science holds to be true. 'God' and 'religion' are concepts that do not feature at all in science; except with anthropologists who explain how such primitive concepts gradually evolved in the brains of hominids over the past quarter of a million years.
Ken and Barbie

Science and the Bible offer no evidence for the EC compromise. EC does not bridge the gap between science and the Bible. Instead, it falls into the crack between the two with no support from either. It is wishful thinking by people who are hungry for evidence for the ridiculous notion that humans can live twice. Like everything else in Christadelphianism it is invented dogma with no regard for credible supporting empirical evidence.

Ken and his tiny band of disciples have neither the beans nor the toast for their hypothesised meal. Like everything else in Christadelphianland; it is bluff, bluster and wishful thinking.

If they disagree; let them offer their evidence in the comments below. If they remain silent; let it be obvious to all that they are not willing to be cross-examined by Ex-Christadelphians.

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