Two proofs that we evolved from fish

By John Bedson
I'll keep this short and to the point.

1. Note the fish gill slits in a chicken and human embryo in the picture to the left. Our ancient evolution is recapitulated in the womb.

2. A fish's eye has a third eyelid on the side of it's eye. It’s called a nictitating membrane; a clear eyelid that can be drawn across the eyeball for protection. Fish use them to flush out particles that float onto their eyeballs. 
A fish eye showing it's third eyelid
Look into a mirror at your own eye and you will see in one corner the vestige of a third eyelid that dates back hundreds of millions of years to the time when we were fish. 
The vestige of a fish eye nictitating membrane
in a human eye
Humans were not created by God separate from the fish. We evolved from them. You can see the evidence that the Bible is wrong every time you look in your bathroom mirror.

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