Evolution ignorance at the Christadelphian Office

By John Bedson

On its home page the Christadelphian Magazine website states:

"The Christadelphian magazine reflects the teachings, beliefs and activities of the Christadelphians."

It would be more accurate to say that it reflects the teachings and beliefs of the geriatric majority of the Christadelphians.

A group of courageous younger Christadelphians, centred around the Berea-Portal movement, strongly object to the endless stream of shallow-minded, anti-intellectual, anti-science ramblings emanating from the CMPA and the Christadelphian Office. They are to be admired for their work in attempting to reverse this ever rising tide of geriatric minded obscuration.

One of the latest such statements from the Christadelphian Office can be seen in a recent "Thought for the day" on their website that contains the following line:

"This made us think of the increasing blindness of so many today who keep on saying at every opportunity, indeed making opportunities, to declare there is NO god, there never was a Creator, everything that exists is the result of countless happens of pure chance!"

It is not true to say that Evolutionists claim that

"everything that exists is the result of countless happens of pure chance." 

On the contrary, Biologists think that the complete opposite happened. They would be the first to agree that "pure chance" could not have created the living species that exist today on Earth. That is NOT what they are saying.

For anyone at the Christadelphian Office to write such nonsense is to display a profound ignorance of The Modern Evolutionary Synthesis, Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity, Cosmology and of Modern Science in general.

The different species evolved by obeying the natural physical and biological laws of our Universe. Given the existence of those laws there was no alternative than that over long periods of time, those laws would produce the myriad of different living species that we observe today.

It is not "pure chance" that a ball rolls downwards when placed on a slope in the presence of gravity. It is obeying the physical laws of our Universe. It is not "pure chance" that a chick emerges from a hatched hen egg. It is obeying the natural, biological laws of our Universe. Likewise it was not "pure chance" that life evolved. Atomic particles HAVE to obey the physical laws of our Universe. They have no alternative. Those laws dictate the eventual production of life, species and ultimately consciousness.

We don't yet know why the laws of our Universe operate that way. But that is no excuse to allow our thinking to move from scientific investigation to religious superstition to explain something for which we need to know the answer. That is the natural reaction of ignorant minds. That is what savages in the jungle do. That is what geriatrics do when they minds are failing. They come up with simplistic answers to questions because they don't have the intelligence to work at the real and true explanations.

That is what the Christadelphian Office do.

For a better informed and more accurate Christadelphian view of Evolution, click here.

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