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The speaking brother
THEY don't want
you to hear!
He says that the Bible is fake and inspired merely by humans.

He claims that God is a fraud and that Christ will never return because he's dead.

He teaches that we only live once and there will be no Kingdom of God or reward for the righteous.

He condemns Christadelphians for their unenlightened morality.

Who is this Christadelphian speaking brother that has overturned the beliefs of his religion and wants it closed?

Shortly before I resigned in 1986.
With two of my five children.
I was born in 1952 to a Christadelphian family that dates back to the founding of the Christadelphian religion. My late Father, Douglas Bedson, was a well known speaking brother. I was baptised in 1967 at the age of fifteen at the Coventry Grosvenor Road ecclesia in the UK.

While still fifteen, I lectured for the Christadelphian Bible Mission in Jamaica  and I gave my first full away Sunday speaking date in the UK at the age of sixteen. At the age of seventeen I was lecturing at a Bible Campaign in Newfoundland Canada.

I attended a further fifty two, week long Bible campaigns in the UK during my nineteen years in the religion. I went on several campaigns per year using up all of my holidays preaching for the Christadelphians.

I gave approximately one and a half thousand Bible talks for Christadelphians in the UK, Canada, the United States and the Caribbean including one US Bible School and an evening at the Birmingham Town Hall attended by 1,100 Christadelphians.

I was the CALS representative for Coventry Grosvenor Road ecclesia and I ran the Saturday open-air preaching event in Coventry City Centre for over a decade.

Not content with the old UK Christadelphian Bible Exhibition I started the work on the New Bible Exhibition that replaced the old one. I sourced and donated the archaeological material and replicas for the current exhibition.

I created and financed the new LIGHTSTAND publishing organisation.

One of many booklets
written and published
by me in the early 1980s

At a time when the CALS and CMPA were producing out-dated one colour preaching booklets, leaflets and posters I wrote and published a new range of high quality full colour booklets with high gloss covers and sold and gave away tens of thousands to ecclesias and preaching committees around the World. I sold over two million full colour preaching leaflets and thousands of full colour posters to Christadelphians on four different continents.

Christadelphian agents stocked and distributed my preaching material in the UK, Canada, East and West Coast USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

My Christadelphian LIGHTSTAND material is STILL republished and available in the US for purchase online. Click here.

I financed, wrote and produced the Christadelphian movie 'The Miracle of Israel.' Twenty three copies of the 16mm film were produced and sold to Christadelphian preaching committees around the World. It was shown to audiences thousands of times. We produced one hundred and fifty of the VHS videos for showing to smaller groups.

I gave away thousands of the Lightstand booklets, posters and leaflets to Christadelphian Bible Campaigns. 

I brought many people into the Christadelphian faith.

However during my final few years as a Christadelphian I began to have doubts about the religion.

1. It seemed to me that Christadelphianism tended to make people less ethical and caused them to display worse moral behaviour than people in normal society. People outside the religion tended to be better people than those who were supposed to be changed by the World of God. I concluded that the judgemental, superior, uncaring attitude of most Christadelphians (compared to normal people outside the religion) was caused by the corrupting influence of reading the Bible and of their particular interpretation of the Bible. The religion was positively harmful to enlightened moral behaviour. 

2. I became suspicious of the quality of the evidence that I was using to demonstrate the existence of God and the truth of the Bible.

a. The only evidence for the resurrection of Christ came from his supporters writing many decades after the event. This did not appear to me to be credible evidence. There were no unbiased historians supporting the claim. It was a matter of faith or nothing.

b. The Bible prophecies about Israel were not relevant to modern times and often contradicted the history of modern Israel. I formed the opinion that these prophecies were NOT 'Signs of the Times' for our age, but rather they were the hopes of Hebrew prophets writing in the 7th Century BCE that they might return from the Babylonian exile of Hebrew intellectuals and leaders. There was no proof or even indication that they had a second meaning in our times. I concluded that I had made a mistake applying these ancient prophecies to events in my own time. It was a coincidence of history rather than anything to do with prophecy. 

c. My studies of Science, including Geology, Evolution, Biology, Genetics, Comparative Anatomy, Embryology, ANE Archaeology, Anthropology, Palaeontology, Plate Techtonics and Particle Physics convinced me that the Biblical account of creation was a Hebrew creation myth composed only by humans and it was divorced from the reality of what actually happened. The Bible was wrong.

3. My re-reading of Scripture, with my mind enlightened by these fresh doubts, revealed a work that was entirely composed and inspired by humans with no credible evidence that any of the supernatural claims or histories were true. 

4. This led me to the conviction that most of the Bible is not true and that the God portrayed in the Bible must be a fictional character invented by humans. 
Therefore, late in 1986 I closed Lightstand, gave away all of the remaining preaching material, cancelled my speaking appointments and resigned from the Shirley ecclesia in Birmingham UK.
Instead I concentrated my efforts into bringing up my five children, putting them through good quality private education and universities and developing my business interests manufacturing and supplying safety lighting equipment around the World.
I continued my studies in the Sciences, enjoying my new found freedom from Christadelphian dogma and indoctrination.
In 2003, at the age of fifty one, I sold my business to Venture Capitalists and semi-retired to live with my wife and three younger children in Australia. I now spend my time studying the stock market and furthering my interests in Science.
I view the study of Science as being a better way to discover the truth about life and our Universe than listening to Christadelphians who obviously don't have any idea what they are talking about. I believe that Christadelphianism is totally and entirely wrong about everything that they believe. I think that Christadelphianism is harmful to human development and is an enemy of truth and understanding. I think that our World would be a better place without the religion and without all forms of religion which are motivated by fideism, human greed and superstition.
This website was founded in 2008 by Ex-Christadelphian Almon McCann. I took over as editor and owner in December 2012 when Almon had some health problems.
My purpose here is not to deconvert Christadelphians. Rather it is to search amongst the Christadelphians for people like me, who have an enquiring mind and a desire to honestly search for truth and the answers to the great questions of life. I am prepared to help free such people from the delusion of Christadelphian indoctrination and explain to them a more balanced and effective way of looking at life.
After all of the effort that I put into converting people to Christadelphianism, I feel an obligation to try to undo some of the damage that I did all those years ago by opposing Christadelphian dogma.  

I unreservedly apologise to everyone for being a Christadelphian for nineteen years. I was a fool and I was mistaken. I spoke and wrote a great deal of religious nonsense during those years. I'm sorry for my stupidity.

But perhaps I had to go to that place to get to where I am now. The reward of seeing the World through new eyes, after half a life blinded by Christadelphianism, is something that gives me the greatest pleasure that you could ever imagine. Like a prisoner who has emerged from long confinement I am free at last.

- I want you to share that freedom.

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