Swanwick Special: Who are we trying to save?

John Bedson
By John Bedson

It has been said that this is a Christadelphian "hate site." Others have said that we are trying to deconvert Christadelphians. Both are wrong.

We have no interest in the overwhelming majority of Christadelphians. We consider it to be a sect/cult that can only exist by attracting the gullible, the stupid and those who are so born and bred into the religion that they are not capable of the necessary objective reasoning to escape.

We genuinely have no interest in such people who make up approximately 99.9% of all Christadelphians. We don't write for them and we don't want them to discuss on our website. They amuse us by their idiocy but we don't "hate" them and we don't want them to deconvert to become Ex-Christadelphians.

In a way we "love" them just like we might love watching a Laurel and Hardy comedy film or Faulty Towers. Christadelphianism is a precious example of 19th Century Victorian English eccentricism at its very best. Long may it endure.

Our purpose is to appeal to the small handful of Christadelphians who possess common-sense and who are able to think objectively and intelligently. It is my opinion that there are less than a hundred such Christadelphians in the World; most of them young. None of them old.

They are the salvageable minority that this website is designed to assist. They will see the reason behind our argument and the comedy in our ridicule of Christadelphians. We work for them because they are like us. We have received the thanks of those who we have helped to escape from the sect. The smile on their faces when they realise that they have regained control of their own minds is the only reward that we seek.

Others made the effort to rescue us from Christadelphian delusion and we will always be grateful to them that they made that effort on our behalf.

Now it is our turn to repay their kindness and make an effort to free likeminded individuals from the high-control, mind-rotting grasp of the religion.

For the rest of the Christadelphians; just as science has no interest in God or religion and never spares a moment's thought about such myths; so we have no interest in those sort of Christadelphians. We consider them to be irrelevant and even harmful to human development and progress.

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