Swanwick Special: The top speaker at Swanwick in alleged theft and fraud scandal

Who is the disgraced top
speaker at Swanwick?
By John Bedson

Christadelphian Skeptics are of the opinion that it is an indication of the corruption that is endemic in the Christadelphian religion that the Christadelphian Swanwick website is proudly boasting of their top downloaded speaker, even though he has been disfellowshiped by his own ecclesia for alleged theft and embezzlement. Click below to discover the identity of their favourite speaker and how he fell into disgrace.

A screen grab from the Christadelphian Swanwick Family Weekend website

 Michael Ashton, the previous editor of the Christadelphian magazine, is the darling of the organisers of Swanwick Youth weekend; even though his own ecclesia said this of him:

And the Christadelphian magazine said this:

And a Birmingham newspaper said this:

Christadelphian young people should not trust the organisers of Swanwick Youth Weekend if they allow people like this onto their platforms and even offer downloads of their talks on their website.
Christadelphians appear to have no shame that they continue to allow the download of lectures and to sell books and booklets by a person whom they allege stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from Christadelphians and raided the Christadelphian Office pension fund. This is an ongoing scandal that Christadelphians refuse to put right.
Their claim that they will one day rule the World with supernatural powers is an obscenity. They are merely small-minded, parochial, irresponsible and foolish people. They will never rule anything. Most of them will never even sufficient capital to retire in comfort.

Click the picture to listen to Christadelphian
Michael give a talk at Swanwick while he was
allegedly stealing money from the Christadelphian
Office pension fund and from ecclesias
(The password is "wonderful")
The organisers of Swanwick Christadelphian Youth Weekend
have made this recording on their website. They boast that
 this is #1 of their top ten downloads!!!

The bungling incompetence of Christadelphians does
not get much worse than this.

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