Swanwick Special: A heartless God watches children drown

By John Bedson

Not a day goes by that we don't see the evidence pile up for God's non-existence.

A grisly example of how alone we are in the Universe can be seen from today's news of a South Korean ferry full of school children that sank with hundreds of students missing presumed drowned.

While the South Korean coastguard risked their lives to pull children to safety through smashed windows and the US Navy sent an aircraft carrier to help, the imaginary God of the Christadelphians could not be bothered to toss a single live preserver into the sea from heaven; much less keep the ship afloat until all the kids were safe.

The Christadelphians will doubtless think up some bullshit explanation as to why God does nothing to help human suffering. But their obfuscations will do nothing to alter the fact that the truth of the matter is obvious: only humans do anything to help suffering. Their fantasy God does nothing because he only exists inside the minds of deluded people. Suffering does not exist because of sin; it exists because of misfortune.

It is an argument against the existence of God that is two thousand years old. How can an all powerful God who is supposed to love humans ignore their suffering, while humans care and put God to shame? He's either an indifferent God, an ineffective God, an immoral God, or he does not exist and is only the invention of human imagination. 

Christadelphians worship a God who is hiding. He does nothing to reveal himself in our age and he has done nothing since the time of Christ two thousand years ago. He does nothing to help human misery. He does NOTHING! 

Christadelphians trapped in their cult invent endless excuses for their indolent, heartless, hiding God. It's called 'Bible Apologetics.' They have to create entire websites like Click here and write six hundred page books like 'Living on the Edge' to apologise for all of the mistakes in the Bible and the fact that God acts as if he does not exist.

But in reality it is merely a bunch of greedy people afraid of death, who want eternal life regardless of the reprehensible morality displayed in the Bible and the ignorant indolence of the fantasy God that they worship.

Objective common-sense, unclouded by group delusion and cult thinking can see only one answer. The concept of God is a product of human superstition. We are alone in this vast universe. There is no God to save us. We have to save each other.

But as hundreds of South Korean children discovered yesterday; we can't save them all.

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