Swanwick Special: Christadelphian School Menace

By Normally Educated Joseph Strong B.Sc
Christadelphians 24/7 God help us
Kids....you better watch out!

Those young children and young people attending the Swanwick family weekend, and lucky enough to live in Birmingham will know what a vibrant and international place it is to grow up in. Your schools will have kids from every culture on the planet represented. If, like me, you grew up in Birmingham, you will appreciate the rich outlook on life, and tolerance of other cultures and religions that it instills.

If you come from a serious, "faithful" Christadelphian family (and if you've been made to go to this weekend, then you probably do) then there is another peril lurking at the Bible Weekend in the form of a stand to try to convince your parents to send you to the planned "Heritage College" AKA Christadelphian faith school in Birmingham.

Admittedly, it's a long shot, rounding up 500 kids from 15 Ecclesias Churches but you never know just how the hand of God is working in these last days.

Hopefully, this months application will fail (again) and they will be sent packing, sparing you the agony of day after day, year after year tedium for the children of deluded Christadelphians.

Apparently, nobody who goes to Heritage College will be forced to attend "Christadelphian" lessons, it will be entirely optional, but that does not mean optional for the children. It is optional for the parents. Things are all a bit vague on their website, like they are not quite sure or they are a bit scared to really say what they are up to, so to look at what a perfect Christadelphian education is, we look elsewhere.

Christadelphians don't want you to find your own way in the world. They want to confine you. Below is an extract from the "ideal" Christadelphian Home Schooling site:

"Confine them, "narrow" them/dedicate them (the literal meaning behind "Train up" in Proverbs 22:6) to a single system of learning in which everything is understood in the context of Divine values and viewpoints"

 Don't think that if you do go to a normal school, that you have escaped, this is what awaits you when you get home, don't start thinking that you can think for yourself.

"Operate a dual system approach whereby they learn the ways of the world from a humanist viewpoint at school and then have it knocked out of them and replaced by learning God's ways from us at home. The hope being that we eventually win the battle for their mind"

That is what Christadelphianism is all about really, "knocking out" your own views and taking control of your mind. Don't fall for it, don't waste your life.

Cos if you do, you'll have your brains knocked out

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