The Christadelphian Civil War over Evolution

Christadelphians reject Evolution
By John Bedson

Although we enthusiastically support Ken Gilmore, Jonathan Burke and the other Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationist intellectuals who are trying to reform the Christadelphian religion; we would be the first to admit that they don't have a prayer. Through no fault of their own, they are doomed to fail in their endeavour.

Christadelphians think that the
Earth is only 6,000 years old
By its very nature Christadelphianism attracts the old, the stupid, the unintelligent and the gullible. Intelligent young Christadelphians become Ex-Christadelphians just as soon as they leave home and move on to further education. There they learn that the Biblical creation myths are nonsense and from that point on, so far as they are concerned, the religion is finished .

They realise that their parents and Christadelphian teachers lied to them and they accept the inevitable shunning from paranoid Christadelphian friends and family.

Christadelphians want
Evolutionists disfellowshipped
The less intelligent Christadelphian young people learn from their parents and teachers to think in a geriatric style and imagine that it is a righteous way of thinking. They think that they are superior to everyone else on the planet who don't have their capacity to understand the complexities of Bible teaching.

In other words; they are too stupid to know that they are stupid.

They accept Christadelphian literalism, fundamentalism and the shallow way of thinking about the Bible and life in general. They want instant simple answers to all of the deep questions of our universe and they find those answers in the droning drivel delivered from Christadelphian platforms by silver haired old men who are living in the past.

Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists
accept Evolution as fact
A small number of intelligent Christadelphian young people use their intelligence to invent ever more fanciful excuses for the thousands of errors and contradictions in the Bible.

I was one such person for before I deconverted thirty years ago. I also place Ken Gilmore, Jonathan Burke and the Berea-Portal team and their readers in this class; together with people like David Brown, Rob Hyndman and others.

Some of these Christadelphians have already deconverted; even though the Berea-Portal team don't yet realise who of their readers have broken ranks and quietly joined the Ex-Christadelphians. They write for us, have not resigned and still attend meetings. But they no longer believe Christadelphian teaching.

Before we deconvert, we are/were reluctant to abandon the religion of our family, so we attempt to use our energies and intelligence to reconcile the observable reality of life with the bizarre nonsense contained in the Bible.

Ex-Christadelphians have a tough time
understanding why Christadelphians
believe nonsense about Creation
It is a thankless, hopeless task, made impossibly difficult by the strong objections of the rest of Christadelphia who still think that the Earth is six thousand years old and that Noah's flood killed the fossils!

One by one we exhaust ourselves and jettison our faith in favour of joining the Ex-Christadelphians.

Brethren like Jon Burke, Ken Gilmore and the Bereans et al. are trapped in a sort of "No man's land" between traditional fundamentalist Christadelphians who want them to leave and Ex-Christadelphians who want them to join.

Their third alternative is to join a group like Biologos who agree with them on Evolutionary Creationism, but who disagree on fundamental Christian theology.

If they stay in the Central Fellowship they will cause increasing friction amongst Christadelphians. The Logos ecclesias have already disfellowshiped them by banning Christadelphians who accept Evolution from attending their memorial services. They have unilaterally altered their Statement of Faith to make Evolution a "Doctrine to be Rejected."

Yes it is ludicrous that Science should be a "Doctrine to be Rejected." This shows how far geriatric Christadelphianism has lost its faculties and is living in an unreal world.

But it is no just longer the extreme right wing Logos fraction of Christadelphia that is challenging these brave brethren. There is now a wholesale onslaught on their position from mainstream Christadelphians, with all of the preaching and magazine committees joining together to oppose Evolutionary Creationism. They are making veiled threats that they will be dealt with in a Ralph Lovelock fashion. He was disfellowshipped in 1965 for holding a similar belief.

Evolutionary Creationism (EC) is not just a matter of science. ECs believe that humans evolved from a common ancestor with the Chimp. This violates traditional Christadelphian belief that Adam was "the first man." ECs try to get around this problem by modifying their "interpretation" of the words of the apostle Paul; but this is rejected by mainstream Christadelphians.

Unlike Christadelphians, ECs are not literalists and fundamentalists. This is a major doctrinal and philosophical difference with mainstream Christadelphians. Christadelphian teaching and belief is routed in a simple-minded fundamentalist mind-set that takes everything in the Bible to be literally true. ECs don't accept that premise.

Like the iron and clay in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's image, EC and Christadelphianism don't mix. They reject each other. ECs call Christadelphian Young Earth Creationists "asinine." Christadelphians want them to leave their fellowship.

The ECs are making little or no progress in reforming the religion. Only a small handful of intelligent Christadelphians have given their support and from them a steady stream of brethren and sisters are taking EC to its logical conclusion and progressing to Ex-Christadelphianism and unbelief. We enthusiastically support EC because we see it as our most fertile source of deconverts. And that is exactly what is happening.

The Christadelphian ECs have no choice. They will either be forced to leave the Central Fellowship; or they will have to do the honourable thing and quit to end the discord that their beliefs are causing to the majority.

There is only one place for them to go:

Ex-Christadelphianism is
liberal and progressive
- We are also good looking :)
The Ex-Christadelphian community DOES accept Theists. We are predominantly Agnostic and some are Atheists. But many of our members are Theists and we consider them to be equally Ex-Christadelphians as those who have lost their faith.

To us it makes no difference. There is good natured discussion between our Theists and non-Theists, but that's as far as it goes. We are liberal in our outlook and tolerance is our middle name. Some of our group believe mainstream Christadelphian teaching. We accept them if for whatever reason they need to leave one of the Christadelphian fellowships.

We have no formal "fellowship" other than our love, friendship and support of Ex-Christadelphians. Join the Ex-Christadelphians and quite frankly you can believe whatever you want.

If the Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists join us, we will throw our weight and resources behind their efforts to publicise their cause to mainstream Christadelphians. We already reproduce much of Ken Gilmore's work here and we have recommended Jon Burke's book "Living on the Edge" even though we don't agree with its Theistic leanings.

Liberal, progressive, reform-minded, tolerant, non-judgemental, intelligent Christadelphians are our brethren and sisters whatever their Theistic beliefs.

Therefore our message to the Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists is this:

When the Christadelphians throw you out, or if you feel the need to leave; our home is your home and our family is your family. We love and admire you and there is nothing that we will not do for every one of you. 

We are just kidding guys - don't take it seriously :)

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