My 50,000,000 year old birthday present

Me fishing for truth
By John Bedson

This is the birthday present that Allison gave me in January of this year. It's a fifty two milllion year old Diplomystus Dentatus fossil from the Green River Formation in Wyoming USA. It dates to the early Eocine period.

Logos Christadelphians call it "Doctrinetobe Rejectedus" and have withdrawn fellowship from the fossil because it proves Evolution true.  :) 

It was a fresh water surface feeder rather like a Herring, living in inland lakes when America was not where it is now. But it was at about the same latitude.

It was a time of global warming with high sea levels and almost no ice at the poles. America was starting to break away from Europe and the Atlantic Ocean would form in the gap. Australia was still joined to Antarctica; so the Christadelphian ecclesias in Australia had to turn up the heat in their halls on Sunday mornings.

This is where my fish was discovered in the
Green River Formation in Wyoming USA.
Fifty million years ago this was mud at the
bottom of a lake. There are millions of
fossil fish buried here.
In America mountains were being uplifted by continental compression and large lakes were formed at high altitude. My fish swam, lived and died in one such lake. It ate smaller fish. One day it gave up the ghost and drifted down to the bottom of the lake to be covered in mud and silt.

Fifty million years later a teenager chipped it out of the rock in Wyoming and it was eventually sold to my wife in Melbourne Australia.

I very much doubt that my fish expected that one day it would feature in an Ex-Christadelphian blog proclaiming the truth about Evolution and the great age of the Earth. But nevertheless I'm sure that it would have felt proud that it's death was not in vain. It's new owner is holding it up to show the World that science and reason trumps superstition and lazy thinking. 

Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists should be in fellowship with Ex-Christadelphians who value such treasures; not with Christadelphian goons who think that the Earth is older than the Sun, that God created humans after the 20,000 year old  European cave paintings were made by humans and that Evolution acceptance should be punished by being disfellowshipped.

The game is over. Christadelphians don't have the truth at all and they never did.

Look at me in that picture; I'm holding a precious and beautiful piece of truth in my hands.

What do the Christadelphians hold in their hands? - A book that was canonised by the early Roman Catholic Church!

Ha ha! - You can keep it. - I love my fish. - It's REAL!

Watch these videos about the Green River Formation

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