Ken Gilmore and the "Gadarene Charge"

Christadelphian Ken Gilmore thinks his
brethren are like demon possessed pigs
By Joseph Strong

Reading Evolutionary Creationist Ken Gilmore's latest blog post this morning, in which he describes his brethren and sisters as making a "Gadarene Charge" towards Young Earth Creationism set me thinking. - Did Ken really make that statement?

Does he really liken his brethren and sisters to a herd of demon possessed pigs, running over a cliff to certain destruction? (or was he thinking of the GSF in his mind?)

Ordinarily, the word "Gadarene" is defined and used to describe a headlong rush into some ill thought out plan, but Ken is a Christadelphian who is very unhappy indeed that that his religion is slipping away because of what he describes as "rampant science denialism. It's likely that Ken had scripture in his mind when he chose the term.

What Ken hasn't figured out yet is that his religion has moved on and left him and his colleagues behind. They now openly admit that they don't want intelligent people in the religion. They are too much of a nuisance and ask too many questions. They don't tow the party line and they are not wanted.

The Christadelphians WANT people like Neville Clark to spread their message, and they WANT people like Stuart Courtenel to upload it; so that many hundreds of UK Christadelphians can see it every week, alongside rambling brethren like Don Pearce.

The Testimony and Christadelphian magazines WANT it to be at the heart of the religion because they believe it to be true. Even highly qualified and experienced molecular biologists such as Andrew Walding (my former brother in law) bring it in to lectures at every opportunity, even talks that have nothing to do with the subject.

What Ken thinks might happen to the religion already has. It has turned itself and it's followers into a laughing stock, and it won't get better.

I have over the last nine months struggled to find any evidence at all that UK Ecclesias are anything but YEC. I thought I had once; but it turned out that they were "gap theory" people. If you ask directly they are either evasive or arrogant YEC.

As regular readers will know, I've worked in a pork slaughterhouse, and I've seen many thousands of pigs trotting to their deaths, they don't go quietly, and they don't go willingly, and they certainly don't do a "Gadarene Charge". No, they hang on to life until the end.

"He's right you know,
we should have just resigned!"
But maybe Ken has a point, the pigs of Mark 5: 1-20 had their heads filled with demons by none other than Jesus himself. And so it is with the Christadelphians, for 170 years they have heads filled with the demons of scripture, helped along by Thomas, Roberts, and all the other speaking brethren. Spend some time with them and you will soon figure out that the best place for them is over the cliff and into the lake.

Then Ken, you will find that you will be like the man in the story, the demons will have left you, and you can go home and tell your family that sanity has returned.

Sorry Ken, But that's the way it is.

They are driving you crazy my brother and like us, you need to clear those demons out of your head.

Editors Note:

Andrew Walding contacted us to complain that his name had somehow been taken out of context. I specifically selected Andrew to link to for the very reason that as I know him personally, I know that he really  IS a highly qualified biologist. A glance down the list of Bible Talks (Andrew no longer seems to like the term "lecture") shows that some of the regular fools Roger Elgen, Wilfred Alleyne, John Hellawell, et al, all talk at that meeting. Andrew is not a fool, but is a forth (?) generation Christadelphian, and clearly demonstrates how difficult it must be for such a person to see outside the mirrored room.

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