Ex-Christadelphians dating agency

We can help you to find the perfect
Ex-Christadelphian of your dreams.
By John Bedson

I have received a number of requests from Ex-Christadelphians who need help finding suitable romantic or marital partners. We are looking for partners for people right now.

We especially need Ex-Christadelphian sisters in their 40s/50s with or without children, an Ex-Christadelphian brother in his 40s with or without children and an Ex-Christadelphian brother in his sixties without children..

Ex-Christadelphian sisters are attractive,
highly intelligent and don't wear hats.

One of the reasons that Christadelphians deconvert is marital and divorce issues. Therefore the Ex-Christadelphian community is more vulnerable to this kind of problem than the Christadelphian community, who legislate that an unhappy marriage must last to the grave, if not beyond. That's not how we think.

We also have the problem that a dysfunctional Christadelphian upbringing leaves victims psychologically scared for many years after deconversion. This can cause difficulties adjusting back to normal society and socialising when the CDs have messed with your head.

Christadelphian sisters think that they
are going to live for ever in a place
where there is "no marriage or giving in
marriage." They don't like this idea. 
It is proposed therefore that we start an Ex-Christadelphian dating agency which would allow members to get to know other Ex-Christadelphians of the opposite sex and suitable age range.

However I don't have the time to undertake this delicate and confidential work. I think that it might be a suitable hobby of an Ex-Christadelphian sister. If you would be interested I helping to run such an agency, or if you would like us to register your details and help you to look for a partner; please contact me in confidence: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com

Christadelphians wishing to meet hot, successful, intelligent, rational thinking Ex-Christadelphians will need to resign from fellowship before they can join our dating club.

- Unless they are seriously good looking!  :)

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