Christadelphianism - By William Shakespeare

By William Shakespeare
From: The Merchant of Venice: Act 1 Scene 3

"The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."

Fideism - By Alfred Lord Tennyson

Alfred Lord
By Alfred Lord Tennyson
From: 'In Memoriam' 1849  

"Strong Son of God, immortal love,
Whom we, that have not seen thy face,
By faith, and faith alone, embrace,
Believing where we cannot prove."

Letters to the editor/Change of direction/More news

1. Our 'slight change of direction' post was accidentally deleted and I have been too busy lately to replace it. The new policy is to appeal to a somewhat wider audience than merely the Christadelphian young people.

Asyncritus, endogenous retroviruses and plagiarism (Discussion about how Christadelphians love to hate each other in the comments at the end!)

By Ken Gilmore
Ken is not an Ex-Christadelphian (We live in hope)
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Why David Pearce's "Evidence for Design" fails to disprove Evolution: Part 4

 By Ken Gilmore
Source: Click here

Pearce, having shown that he is grossly uninformed on the evidence for large-scale evolutionary change in the fossil record, then proceeds to invoke yet another creationist argument, the 'living fossil' as disproof of evolution:

Why David Pearce's "Evidence for Design" fails to disprove Evolution: Part 3

By Ken Gilmore
Source: Click here

One of the most readily-refuted creationist claims is the absence of transitional fossils.

Who are the real fools?

By Credo Quia Absurdum

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is a God”- Was famous error in the opening of Psalm 14 in a 1763 printing of the KJV – the printers were fined a huge (for the time) £3000 and all copies were destroyed.

Robert Robert's Thoughts On Phrenology

By Ex-Christadelphian, part time theist, Joseph Strong

The following short article is a slight change from the recent articles that seem to have caused so much excitement. Hopefully it will cause less trouble and angry words. You need to read and cross reference the references and form your own opinion. I will not do that for you.

Special Feature: I Want to Break Free - By our new writer T.F.

Editor's Note: I've been trying to get this guy to write for us for years and at last he has agreed. It is my pleasure to introduce one of my very best friends and someone for whom I have the greatest respect: T.F.


This website brings me more pleasure .... and painful memories...than I can put in words. I just read that awesome and heart wrenching post by Sam and his process of his de-conversion. It's heart-wrenching and jaw dropping at the same time, because of course I lived through the same thing myself.

Apophenia - A powerful psychological driver of Christadelphian delusion

By John Bedson

It is often difficult for Ex-Christadelphians to come to terms with the fact that they were fooled into an absurd religious delusion during their time spent in the Christadelphian religion.

Evolution Never Stops

The bacterium have evolved
50,000 generations over 25 years 
By Nell Greenfieldboyce
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Evolution is relentless process that seems to keep going and going, even when creatures live in a stable, unchanging world.

Why David Pearce's "Evidence for Design" fails to disprove Evolution: Parts 1 & 2

By Ken Gilmore
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Asyncritus answered by Jerry Coyne

Editor's Note: Jerry Coyne is an American professor of biology, known for his commentary on the intelligent design debate. A prolific scientist, he has published dozens of papers, elucidating on the theory of evolution. He is currently a professor at the University of Chicago in the Department of Ecology and Evolution.

'Asyncritus' (we all know who he is) challenges Ken Gilmore

By Asyncritus
Editor's Note: The Ken-Cat won't answer this challenge and in a way I don't blame him. But we can answer Asyncritus in the comments below. If we do, it will put a smile on the face of the Ken-Cat and he will think to himself "I taught them well; all the work I put into ECACP was not in vain." 

Preliminary Review: 'Living on the Edge' by Jonathan Burke

By John Bedson

Jonathan Burke sent me a pre-publication release of 'Living on the Edge' today. It will take me a while to read it because I have many other commitments right now. But I have already scanned through it and read some sections and my preliminary conclusion is that it is an excellent book.

Common descent and the curious origin of human chromosome 2

By Ken Gilmore   Source: Click here

Editor's Note: The Ken-Cat is a Theist who does not endorse either the contents or purpose of this website. However he does allow us to re-blog his work for which we thank him.

The Pagan Origins of the Book of Genesis - All three parts together - Part 3 is New!

By John Bedson

This is the first of a series of articles showing how the authors of the Biblical book of Genesis borrowed many of their key themes and stories from writings of pagan priests and storytellers of the surrounding nations of the Ancient Near East (ANE).

The pagan cuneiform inscriptions containing these myths are up to two and a half thousand years older than the earliest possible date of the origin of Genesis.

A Reply to 'String Bean'

By Ex Christadelphian Joseph Strong

A Reply To A Moderate Christadelphian.

Thoughts from another young deconverted Christadelphian

By Sam

Editor's Note: Sam is our latest young Christadelphian deconvert. We need to protect his confidentiality from relatives in the Christadelphians; so we cannot reveal his true identity, ecclesia or country of residence. But we can assure you that he is a young, baptised Christadelphian.

Are you recovering from the Australian Christadelphian Conference?

After all the nonsense; after all the cult jargon and cult inspired thinking; after all the anti-science and illogical discourses; after being divorced from reality and common sense for a week at Wesley and Monash; here are three Sam Harris videos to help visitors to the Christadelphian Australian Conference get their brains working sensibly again.

Evolutionary Creationism: A Guide for the Perplexed (Parts 1 - 3) - By Ken Gilmore

Editor's Note: Another article by the Ken-Cat. I don't agree with much of what he has written and Ken does not agree with much of what I write. He is a Theist and I am not. But for those Christadelphians who want to reconcile science with the Bible and keep their Theism; this is undoubtedly the route to go.  

This is how we see the religion (3)

"The Amazing Spider" - Bro David Pearce (UK)
"This PowerPoint presentation shows that the complexity of life on earth cannot be satisfactorily explained without God's involvement. Only Divine wisdom could have put together the Garden Spider and the Human Ear. Ideal for young people studying biology at school or university."

- Christadelphian Australian Conference January 2014

This is how we see the religion (2)

Comment of the week - 'Chancediditism' Vs. 'Goddiditism'

Evolution is NOT 'Chance'
Anonymous January 8, 2014 at 4:24 PM
How is your chancediditism any better than what you call goddiditism?

'Taking Genesis literally'

Interesting discussion developing at:

You might want to join in. Thanks to the Ken-Cat for finding it.

The Spectrum of Belief

Belief                                     Unbelief
By John Bedson

Christadelphians tend to think in terms of absolutes. They either believe something or they don't. God either exists or he does not. Christ either rose or he didn't. The Bible is entirely true or entirely false.

A New Year's Day deconversion story

Editor's Note: This just in from a brave young lady. We congratulate her and wish her all the best in her new life outside the religion.
"Hi John and Corky; Just found your website, interesting reading.

Video: 'Leaving Christianity' - What it's like to leave the Christadelphians

New Year Special: Our top 10 all-time most popular articles