The Return of Christ

 By John Bedson
This illustrates how silly is the idea of Christ returning to Earth. We humans would all be delighted if he were real and would return to help us. The US president and all World leaders would be thankful that thousands of years of human suffering was ended. There are approximately one billion Christians here who would all sing for joy if he returned. The billion Muslims would be happy because they also accept Christ as a great teacher. It would take them about five seconds to convert to Christianity.
We Agnostics and Atheists would be so happy to be proved wrong.
EVERYONE on Earth would welcome Christ.
And if you think about it, that PROVES that he is not going to return. Because from his point of view there would be no point in delaying his return.
What's he waiting for? Why are God and Christ hiding in the 21st Century.
- Because they don't exist.

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