The Christadelphian magazine January 2014 - (Groan)

By John Bedson

Just when I think that it can't get any worse, the old folk at Shaftmoor Lane find yet another way to reach fresh new lows of boredom in the flagship magazine of the Christadelphian religion. I thought that their "Letters to the Editor" about whether people should, or should not applaud at baptisms was the ultimate in petty minded irrelevance. But I was mistaken. In the January 2014 edition, the editor has plumbed new depths of geriatric rambling and reminiscing.

I can't believe that they published this:

What young person want to join a religion like that? They would have to be very heavily brainwashed from birth to their mid or late teens, to be so stupid as to baptised into a religion that wastes paper discussing whether or not presiding brethren should or should not put their hands in their pockets when on the platform!

I appeal to young people reading the above: Run for your lives from these daft old men. Before they mentally entrap you in their cult. Before they drag you down into premature aging and senility. Before they corrupt your life with their ignorance and foolishness.

Free yourselves and live healthy, normal lives. Don't make the same awful mistake that we Ex-Christadelphians did. We were so hurt by that religion that now we fight for your freedom and happiness. Walk away from the Christadelphians and NEVER look back.

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