Surtsey blows again up in the December 2013 Christadelphian Magazine

By John Bedson

The 'Letters to the Editor' section of this month's Christadelphian magazine shows an outpouring of offence by the liberal Christadelphians who have quite rightly objected to the article 'Surtsey a Pattern for Creation' in the previous month's issue.

We reviewed and discussed the original November article click here.  

Steve Nicholson (Nantwich), David Brown, (Dorridge) and Daniel Weatherall (Tamworth) all objected to the Young Earth Creationism advocated in the article. My congratulations to them for their brave efforts. What they are saying is now a "doctrine to be rejected" by the Logos ecclesias and the other main institutions of the Central Fellowship are supporting the Logos position with articles, booklets and lectures attacking the theory of Evolution.

Don Pearce (Rugby) defended his article with the following points:

1. The deposition of ash and strata at Mount St Helens since 1980 shows that sedimentary layers can be laid down very rapidly. "Thus undermining the very basis of Evolutionary assumptions."

2. New genetic information cannot be added to the genome of a species.

3. "The use of radioactive decay to indicate long ages is utterly dependent on assumptions that go contrary to the information that God has provided."

4. "Radioactive decay cannot show beyond any doubt that the planet is billions of years old, because man wasn't there to verify it!"

These points were debunked and answered decades ago; so I won't even bother to answer them. (3) demonstrates a level of blind Fideism that is no longer appropriate in a religion in the 21st Century. (4) indicates to me that we can't take Don seriously.

However he does make one good point at the end of his letter:

1. He's right that people who believe in the literality of Genesis don't lose faith. They are traditional Christadelphian Fideists and their faith will go down with them to the grave; never to rise again. It's when Christadelphians try to adapt Genesis to the reality of the discoveries of modern science that their faith cracks open. It's a good thing; because faith is a vice, not a virtue.

2. He's right that "The theory of Evolution eats away at the heart of the Bible story." He chose a good metaphor. It may take a few years, but eventually, Christadelphians who begin to understand the reality of Evolution start to question other things in the Bible. That's what happened to me before I deconverted.

3. He's right that if death predated Adam and Eve; then the traditionally accepted Christadelphian understanding of redemption is no longer workable. Brethren like Ken Gilmore can try to patch it up; but as the recent rows on the Christadelphian Facebook pager have shown, the great majority are not going to buy it. Death has been on this planet for billions of years and the evidence for that fact is universally accepted by scientists across the planet. Therefore Don Pearce is correct: "Genesis has lost its very foundation."

And if Genesis has lost its very foundation, the other sixty five books of the Bible must also collapse, like a row of dominoes toppling each other.

That's why I work to show the many reasons why Genesis is only a human inspired work. It is because its not hard to do. We can easily prove that it came from Sumerian, pagan origins and not from Moses or God. We can easily prove that Evolution did occur and that Genesis is erroneous pagan cosmology. Intelligent young Christadelphians do get it. And then they leave.


  1. Replies
    1. adina777: To demonstrate the truth of Evolution I would need you to read a few books, for example Jerry Coyne's 'Evolution is true.'

      After you have read that book, come back here with your thoughts and reaction to the content of that book and we can discuss further and give you some more reading material.


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