Ken Gilmore: A Clarification

Will the Ken-Cat
attack us?
By John Bedson

A Christadelphian has accused Ken Gilmore of co-operating with us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although we enthusiastically agree with Ken's ideas on Evolution and the age of the Earth; he most certainly DOES NOT co-operate with us.

We reproduced his articles because they were covered by an open licence that allowed anyone to take them without needing permission.

Now he has revoked that licence on material written after 25 December and we will not be able to quote his articles in full on this website. 

In reality that will not make any difference, as you will be able to read them on his blog instead of here, because we will link to them.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me explain what Ken and I think of each other:

1. Ken thinks that I and my thinking about the Bible are beneath contempt and he NEVER writes or responds to me in any way. Ken dislikes me more than he even dislikes YECs. If you ever want to put Ken in a bad mood for a week, simply say something nice about me to him and stand back to watch the nuclear explosion. You might even get your teeth knocked out.  :)

2. I think that Ken is the best Christadelphian writer that they have ever had the privilege to read. I have nothing but genuine admiration for him. You Christadelphians are fortunate beyond words to have him in your fellowship and on your side. You are fools to not read his work more than you do. Nevertheless; I do not agree with his Theism.
This one's for you Ken: 
 PS Ken: What do you think of the new Doctor Who?
I think that he will be better than Matt Smith.
I couldn't stand him.

A Happy New Year to all our Evolutionary Creationist friends!

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