Christadelphian baptisms in sharp decline

By John Bedson

The news from the January 2014 Christadelphian magazine is that there were only two Christadelphian baptisms in the UK recorded. Four Christadelphian young people were baptised in Canada.

We urge them to reconsider what they have done; because we think that they have made a mistake.

It was very sad to read of so many old people dying; one of whom was a close personal friend. But more good news to see so many people joining the Ex-Christadelphians, by either resigning or being disfellowshiped for not attending.

Our hard work and dedication is being rewarded. The religion is dying. A trend is developing of people refusing to be baptised into the cult because we are explaining to them that it's not a good idea.

Don't let elderly Christadelphian
speakers tell you how to live your life
Are YOU a young person being pressured towards baptism? Don't fall for it. it is NOT cool to be a Christadelphian. It's an old man's religion in which old people who have made failures of their own lives try to control how young people think and behave.

It's a backward, Victorian relic of Nineteen Century American Restorationism. It's an anti-science, anti-intellectualism, reactionary and paranoid sect. It's a cult that praises and delights in ignorance; because knowledge of the facts destroys their beliefs. 

It's a nasty minded bunch of people who look down on everyone else but themselves. Then they spend all their time falling out with each other over trivial Bible issues like resurrectional responsibility etc.

It was founded by a bad-tempered, foul mouthed, slave owning English doctor in America and it has been a bad-tempered, argumentative sect to this day.
Attend ANY Christadelphian meeting or talk and you will see what I mean. Listen to their talks online or on YouTube and see for yourself how out of touch with reality the Christadelphians are. There are hundreds of Christadelphian talks on the Internet and every one of exposes them for what they are. Prove it for yourself on the Internet.

Don't let them baptise you
They claim that only THEY have the truth and all of the rest of the billions of people on Earth are wrong! - That is barking mad. Don't listen to them. What God would think up such a lunatic plan? 

We are not outsiders saying these things. We are Ex-Christadelphians and we know what we are talking about. I was a Christadelphian for eighteen years. There are many hundreds of Ex-Christadelphians and I don't know of one who would suggest that you be baptised into that religion. We would all warn you against it.

We are warning you that those people will mess with your head and give you a miserable life. Think for yourself. Don't believe their lies. Most of them are not right in the head themselves. Mix with normal people in normal society (which they call "The World") and get your thinking straight. Encourage your friends in the Christadelphians to read our website and to come here to ask questions about our experiences in the religion and to discuss the many reasons for leaving or not joining in the first place.

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