Another friend from my Christadelphian days has resigned

The name of the writer has been withheld.

Hello John – I’m not sure if you will remember me but, are you the same John Bedson that I met at Coventry Grosvenor Road ecclesia in the early 1970s? I belonged to XXXX ecclesia at the time.

I left the CDs more than once; but now am sure, I will not return again – I have had enough abuse & nonsense! I left the CDs – for the last time in XXXX and for me, it was a natural progression of simply thinking for my self. Luckily, I have always had a bit of the non-conformist in me – well actually, a lot. The way my wife was treated was appalling – as well as outright misogyny there was also simply CD brethren patronising her.

I have read quite a bit of your website and its quite interesting and brings back memories for me of some of the weird stuff that is ‘normal’ in Christadelphia. The longer it is since leaving, the more I sense it was absolutely the right thing for me to leave.

As regards people leaving Christadelphia (in the UK) I think that the ABs and the Christadelphian Office are so out of touch with the next generation, that they do a splendid job in discouraging them from ever joining. Yes, I did meet the occasional AB who was truly open minded but he he would have to suppress what he really thought in some circumstances – he would have to conform when the chips were down.

A few years ago (1997), I looked at the numbers of Christadelphians in the UK and the evidence was quite striking. There had been a very constant decline in numbers (I can’t remember the exact date now – might still have the study on my laptop) from about 1961 till 1997. Part of my evidence was actually gained by talking to a member of staff at the Christadelphian Office – I was surprised to be given this evidence by that person! Further more, there was no evidence in 1997, to suggest that the membership was recovering – far from it. The only glip in this trend was 1967 (6 day war in Israel), 1973 war in Israel and both Iraqi wars – during these wars, membership briefly increased or at least the decline lessened. I assume, because some “wavering” CDs thought that “Christ was coming” and I better get back in their in case its true – might miss out on salvation! I would be extremely surprised if the CD membership in the UK has reversed their downward trend since 1997.

One of the things that used to really overwhelm me with feelings of futility was the Young Earth view taken that Earth was only 6,000 years old. When the evidence (from about six different fields of science all agree that the Earth is billions of years old. I used to do a lot of speaking over about ten years and the old Earth evidence would mostly go down like a lead balloon. I can remember one CD saying to me after my talk about, in part, an old Earth “I don’t want to talk about the evidence but you are wrong – the Earth is 6000 years old”. What a classic quote – ignore the evidence and everything will be right!

I am trying to resolve the anger I feel towards the CDs and, in particular, the anger towards my self for having being part of the CDs for a big chunk of my life. I am angry that I did not see through some of the ludicrous stuff CDs portray as “truth”. I have been involved in a self-help group for several years and this helps me to look at my part in all this and how I can change for the better!


Editor's Note: I must have had approximately 5,000 Christadelphians friends back in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Many have contacted me, but I'd love to hear from more of them. Even if they have remained Christadelphians I still want to know how their lives turned out. If there is anything that I can do for any of them; please let me know. If you get into trouble, let me be the first person that you contact for help. If you visit Melbourne Australia there is free accommodation and a big welcome for you at my home. I will always be at your service, my very dear friends. I will remember you always with love and affection.

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