Another young Christadelphian deconverts

By John Bedson

Congratulations to the brave Christadelphian young person who emailed us on Christmas Eve and told us of her recent deconversion.

That person is soon going to be writing articles for us to give encouragement and guidance to other young people who may be thinking of deconverting.

It's the best Christmas present that we could hope for and is a great reward for all of the hard work put in by our admins, authors and commenters at this blog.

"Hi Guys,

I'm a young person who's been reading the blog with great interest over the last (withheld) months or so, just wondering what the exact process is for submitting articles to be published on the website.

I am a (withheld) who's had enough, and would like to share a few thoughts, ideas and practical tips to help other young people through what can sometimes be a confusing and stressful time in a young persons life.

(A paragraph withheld)

Keep up the good work, you've made such a difference to me knowing I'm not alone in this and I'd love the chance to give back to the community of people who've seen the light and embraced common sense and rational thought.

Happy Jesus' birthday to you all for tomorrow ;) Regards,"

(Name withheld by us)

It is our mission to free Christadelphian young people from the cult and this deconversion will give hope and encouragement to all who want to be free.

In the past, some of the deconverted young people mentioned on our website have been hunted down by the Christadelphian grapevine and dealt with and silenced by their parents and relatives. We will protect the identity of this young person and not reveal anything about them; not even their sex. We will protect the identity of all our brave young deconverts and even throw out misleading information to the vindictive Christadelphians who are hunting for them.

To those Christadelphians who deny that they are in a cult - why do you think that we have to go to all this trouble to protect the identity of our deconverted young people from their parents and relatives????? THIS IS NOT NORMAL!

Other Churches don't act in this high control way. It is a condemnation of your religion that your kids are terrified of your retribution and fearful of losing your love and affection if they leave the faith. It shows how insecure and paranoid Christadelphians are. You hold your children hostages to the cult. It is a violation of the freedom of speech and expression that is the inalienable right of all young people in civilised society. These young people should be free to choose what they believe about religion, without coercion and veiled threats from the Christadelphians.

Christadelphian young people
have a message for their parents
But let me warn potential deconverting Christadelphian young people. Many of your parents WILL follow through and they WILL withdraw their love for you if they think that you are going to deconvert. Their fear of the invisible men in the sky is often greater than their love for their own children. We have seen it happen time and time again and it is heartbreaking to watch.

Your parents belong to a weird religious cult and they are not thinking like normal people. Your situation may not be a good one if you deconvert. But it will be a hundred times worse if you don't. We will support you as best we can; but it may turn unpleasant for you.

May all the Christadelphian young people reading this take note of the courage and intelligence of this new deconvert. He or she has seen through the madness of the cult and realised that a lifetime trapped in a dysfunctional, anti-science, fundamentalist religious sect is a lifetime of misery. It's not a life at all. It's a lifetime sentence locked away from normal society and enlightened thinking.

Well done my friend. You have made our Christmas and we Ex-Christadelphians welcome you with open arms. We are so happy for you. People like you are the reason that we do all this hard work. We look forward with eager anticipation to reading your first article on this blog.
To the other Christadelphian young people, we Ex-Christadelphians say this:

The second best day of your life is when you are baptised into the Christadelphian faith.

But the best day of your life is when you resign!   :)

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