A note to our Authors

By John Bedson

We now have many upgraded Authors who can upload articles directly onto the blog front page. This is helpful to me as I spend a lot of my time discussing with and replying to emails from Christadelphians who want to deconvert and I'm getting less time to write articles myself.

This is your opportunity to write for one of the most popular Christadelphian websites in the world, with approximately 25,000 views per month; almost all of them Christadelphians and Ex-Christadelphians.

Here are some guidelines for our Authors.

1. Always put your name at the top in BOLD type with the following format 'By (your name)'

2. Use "Helvetica" font in "Normal" size. "Select all" and select Helvetica at the end of composing your article.

3. Bad language must NOT be used.

4. Inset a "jump break" after your first couple of lines so that your article does not cover all of the front page.

5. I will add graphics later when I see your article. I will resize your pictures and make them small file size.

6. Please send me an email to let me know that you have uploaded an article so that I can check it for errors.

7. Articles from Theists ARE allowed. But they must expect to receive critical comments after they have been published.

8. Please tell your friends about articles that you have written to increase our readership.

9. Remember that our focus is on deconverting Christadelphian teenagers and people in their early twenties. Your articles should target this age group. They are the people most likely to leave the cult because they are at an age where they naturally rebel against authority and think independently from their parents. Don't even bother trying to deconvert Christadelphians who are over the age of twenty five. They will be locked into the cult way of thinking and it will be virtually impossible to talk any sense into their heads.

10. Please let me know by email if you spot spelling or grammar errors anywhere on the blog. I have to do everything at high speed and errors do slip through.

11. If you would be prepared to serve as an Administrator please let me know. Admins can control discussion and delete inappropriate comments. We get lots of those; but they never make it onto the website because we weed them out.

12. If you get an error message going into the blogger software, ignore it and press "OK." I'm trying to fix that problem. It won't affect what you are doing.

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