Corky & John on Evolution

By Corky

It has always been clear to me that the authors of the Jewish scriptures did not have evolution in mind, period - "Evolutionary Creationism" or otherwise. Everything was created in the past tense, literally know, like magic, like pulling a rabbit from a hat.

A hyper-sexualised media is bad news for women. (Looks like Christians were right after all)

Miley Cyrus has caught
Ken Gilmore's attention
By Ken Gilmore and Miley Cyrus

Editor's Note: Ken has kindly agreed to allow us republish articles from his blog again, for which I thank him. But what's even better news is that he is now going to  write articles that we can publish on subjects of a broader apologetic focus . This will give us the opportunity to discuss the issues that he raises and to determine if we agree with his arguments.

Hope or Hype?

By Ex-Christadelphian Credo Quia Absurdum

Christadelphians claim to be able to offer hope. But is their hope merely hype?

"Hope for a hopeless world" is a commonly used lecture theme, and the title of a rather out-dated pamphlet written by the late Fred Pearce, which you can read online.

Our Mission

To reflect our new focus on Christadelphian young people, 'Our Mission' page has been revised and rewritten.

Christmas Day Special Bonus - Turning the World Upside Down - Six Articles On The Role of Women in the Church

By Ex-Christadelphian Peter Baylis


Christmas Day Special Bonus - YEC Target Practice 2: David Pearce - David gets his answer

By David Pearce

As author of the booklet (Evidence for Design) I would like to reply to my (anonymous) critic.

Sadly, his/her review is full of errors.

A Response to Bernard Burt's "Trial by Prophecy" Challenge

By Credo Quia Absurdum

I would like to rise Bernard Burt’s “final challenge” of the hand out “Trial by Prophecy” listing 11 Bible prophecies which man has (apparently) been unable to overturn.  

YEC Target Practice: Bernard Burt

Editor's Note: I posted this from Bernard, for a few hours, a couple of days ago, hoping that Ken Gilmore would take aim at it. Then I deleted it.

But I acted too soon and tonight Ken put a few rounds on the target on his Facebook page as follows:

A Christmas Poem

By Mancott

It was Sunday in a small town Ecclesia, it had fallen on a bright Christmas Day
The President said "Now please bow your heads we are just now a-goin` to pray"

A critical response to Nigel Bernard's Dec 2013 response to criticism of his Nov 2013 article

By Ken Gilmore
Source: Click here.

Nigel Bernard, co-author of the YEC cover article in the Nov 2013 issue of The Christadelphian elected not to employ Don Pearce’s ill-fated strategy of trying to attack the science behind radiometric dating.

More YEC geriatric nonsense from the Christadelphians

Contributed by an Ex-Christadelphian

This is from a recent edition of 'The Lampstand'

A critical response to Don Pearce's Dec 2013 response to criticism of his Nov 2013 article - 3

By Ken Gilmore. Source: Click here.

Editor's Note:

Whilst I stand aside from the Theistic content of what follows, it is still a brilliant article with some well reasoned argument by Ken.

Review: 'The Origin of the Species - Where Darwin got it wrong' talk at Lye ecclesia

By Ex-Christadelphian Joseph Strong

The February 2013 at Lye Christadelphians in the UK West Midlands gives us an interesting insight into the depth to which young earth creationism has penetrated Christadelphian thinking in the UK of the 21st Century. It also helps us to understand [redacted]'s position of his feeling of wasting time on such people in his recent reply to author David Pearce.

Scientists create new protocell - We are now closer to explaining the origin of life

An illustration of a protocell,
Gert Korthof        Source: Click here.

Our thanks to Ken Gilmore for finding this article.

Santa Claus is not real, vicar claims to audience of primary school children

Reverend Simon Tatton-Brown
infuriated his flock by telling the truth
By Joseph Strong

A vicar infuriated parents by telling their children that Father Christmas was not real at a primary school assembly
A vicar has been forced to apologise after claiming at a primary school assembly that Father Christmas does not exist and recounting the gruesome story of Saint Nicholas.

A critical response to Don Pearce's Dec 2013 response to criticism of his Nov 2013 article - 2

By Ken Gilmore. Source: Click here.

Editor's Note: More from the keyboard of Christadelphian Doctor Ken Gilmore. The Christadelphian community have never seen anything like it. He's singlehandedly dragging them into the 21st Century.

The Christadelphian Office on Facebook (3)

This is my third comment on the Christadelphian office Facebook page. The previous two were deleted.

It's in answer to Peter, who questioned me about something.

The Christadelphian Office on Facebook (2)

Here is my latest comment on the CD magazine Facebook page. Please 'Like' my comment there and join the discussion.

Like my previous comment they may have deleted or hid it by now. But don't be deterred; answer my comment as if it were still showing.

VIDEO: How we found out evolution is true: John van Wyhe at TEDxNTU

Thanks to Ken Gilmore for finding this great video

The Christadelphian Office on Facebook (1)

The Facebook page of the Christadelphian office (click here) is a collection of shallow platitudes, mixed with a smug, holier-than-thou attitude that judges everyone except Christadelphians. It appears to be intended as some sort of encouragement to the elderly and those with very little intelligence. 


By Mancott

A very good overview of Bart Erhman`s book "Forged" can be found by Googling:

A critical response to Don Pearce's Dec 2013 response to criticism of his Nov 2013 Christadelphian Magazine article - 1

By Ken Gilmore. Source: Click here.

Editor's Note: I don't agree with the Theistic content of this article, but as we have an ever increasing number of Theist Christadelphians reading our website, this piece should be of interest to them.

How big was the human population bottleneck? Another staple of theology refuted.

 By Jerry Coyne             Source: Click here.
A new paper in Nature by Heng Li and Richard Durbin contains estimates of the “effective population size” of our ancestors at different points in evolutionary time.

Young Earth Creationism in the November 2013 edition of The Christadelphian Magazine

By Ken Gilmore.     Source: Click here.

I’ve already commented on how The Testimony has sunk to a new low with the publication in the November 2013 edition of an anti-evolution article that employed the intellectually and morally dishonest practice of quote mining in its attacks on evolutionary biology.

My Disfellowshipping Letter

By Joseph Strong

A week or so ago, John asked me if I would be prepared to share with you my letter of disfellowship from the Spalding UK Christadelphian Ecclesia.

I have appended it here for your information and enlightenment.