Disfellowshipped by the CDs for Struggling with his Faith

Written by Joseph Strong

Last night I returned home from a weekend away with my children, to find a letter on my doormat from the Spalding Christadelphian Ecclesia.

It confirms that I have been removed from fellowship for the normal reason that affects those of us that simply walk away...plus an extra that has resulted from my presence here.

"However, there is sadness too that we now have to write to you to confirm that due to your long continued absence from the table of the Lord, and your own confession, on the internet, that you no longer believe what the Christadelphians believe, that you are no longer in fellowship with the Christadelphian Community".

So what this means is that I am now, officially an ex-Christadelphian.

It also means that the Brethren and Sisters of the Spalding Ecclesia, in the UK, have been reading this website, and we thus warmly welcome them into fellowship with us, the ex-Christadelphians. They are in good company, with in excess of 18,000 page views a month, this is a popular website.

There are good people in the Spalding meeting, and those that even though I cannot share faith with, I respect the beliefs of. They are genuine believers. But sadly there are those that have made me ashamed to have been a Christadelphian, and some of those are the people who I should have been able to turn to in my hour of need.

We look forward to your company here, we are a robust community who take our position as seriously  as you do, we don't offend easily, but we do like a debate.

Should any of you wish to visit me at home, you know where I live and you will be made most welcome. There is no need to make an appointment and no need to dress up. Fine real ale is available on tap, with food on request.


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