The Coming Slaughter

Contributed by Ex-Christadelphian Joseph Strong

Yet again this week we have had an anonymous person commenting on John's look at Christadelphia's most unsavoury publication, “Christendom Astray” by Robert Roberts.

Nobody should be under any illusion about this book. What it describes is what Christadelphians mean when they say they look forward to the return of Christ to set up his Kingdom on earth.

"Meek, submissive, willing subjects of
Messiah's Kingdom" collecting their
dead relatives killed by Robert
Roberts and the Christadelphians  

"The slain of the Lord shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth." The earth's population will be greatly thinned; its reprobate
 elements expurgated, leaving a residue composed of the meek and submissive, and well–disposed of mankind, who will constitute the willing subjects of Messiah's kingdom......What will be the position of Christ's own people at this crisis? ................... It is clear that they are not left among the nations during this dreadful time of trouble. ........... The saints co–operate with Christ in executing the judgments written. This honour is in reserve for them all. It will be their privilege to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people."
From: 'Christendom Astray Chapter 15 - by Robert Roberts

- Available free of charge from the Christadelphian Office. Click here to view. 

Roger Long and Andrew Bramhill offer this
psychopathic material free of charge on
their Christadelphian Office website.
- Such nice harmless brethren.   :) 
Those of you who have read my previous posts will know that I am a practical person. I'm an engineer and I don't believe in magic. If I'm told a Bible story, I like to look at the practical aspects of what is being said. Same with Christadelphian writings.

I am currently working at a Pork Slaughterhouse, we are improving the facilities to improve efficiency and animal welfare. I have worked here before and know the facility well. It is of a high standard and supplies one of the most respected supermarkets in the UK, I have personally seen every aspect of the slaughter process and can confirm that the animals are treated well and killed humanely with a minimum of stress. It is a sad but necessary process to provide food. A staff of several hundred mostly East European workers slaughter and butcher 3500 pigs a day, it is an industrial process with little waste. It works out at about 14 pigs a day per person. The pigs are bred for, and slaughtered to provide food. They are not slaughtered to avenge an iron age God and his lusting for blood followers. is not pleasant, the sights and sounds and smells are not for the faint hearted or the easily offended and that makes me wonder how the Christadelphians will deal with the coming slaughter that they will have to take part in with Jesus.

Now, 1 Kings 5 13-18 tells us that it took 150,000 forced labourers to to build Solomon's temple, and 3300 managers to organise them. That's 45 slaves to each supervisor. Optimistic, but maybe just about possible.

Currently, it seems that there are perhaps 70,000 Christadelphians in the world, and the number reduces daily. The world's population rises by about 180,000 a day and stands in excess of 7 Billion.

Thus if the kingdom is set up tomorrow, each Christadelphian “Saint” will have to deal with at least 100,000 of the rest of us (including of course children, idiots, and those who Roberts describes as little better than idiots). Now the scripture quoted above tells us that you can only deal with 45 each, so, when Jesus comes back, the wars, pestilence and fire that Roberts speaks of will need to dispose of the surplus very quickly indeed so that order can be maintained.

A pile of dead pigs outside the Christadelphian
Office. In the Kingdom these may be dead people;
because the CMPA claim that Christ and the
Christadelphians are going to slaughter millions
and "greatly thin the population of the Earth."
If the scripture is correct , and if you believe it to be inspired by God then it must be, just to maintain order, the saints will need to slaughter at least 99,955 people each, with Jesus' help of course. If everybody behaves and stands in line to be killed that's about 20 years work for each of you, 365 days a year, no need for Sunday off, and no need for Bible study/schools/readings etc. because the king is back and you are doing his work! I have no idea what you or Jesus will do with the bodies, the stench will be appalling, Roberts does not tell us his interpretation and neither does Thomas. Even more difficult to understand is what you will do with the plunder that you will take off us “misers of this present evil world” how will you have time to enjoy it, with all that killing to do?

Could you slaughter a pig?
Could you slaughter humans for Christ
COULD you?????
Think about it Christadelphians. This is the “Truth” that you have signed up for.

If you have got this far, you will be thinking, “this guy is crazy” “what is he on” “put the bottle down dude” or similar. Sorry, none of those. I've just stated the facts in a way that maybe you don't like or maybe you don't like to think about . Everything I've written here is rubbish. The trouble is that you believe that rubbish. I don't. That's what make me free and you prisoners.

Check out the video:

Written by: Brother Joseph Strong


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