I Want To Believe...

Contributed by Joseph Strong
'I want to believe' (An Open Post For Glenn Munro)

That's what it said on Mulder's poster on the wall of his office. No matter what his lovely colleague Dana Scully showed him and proved to him, he just wanted to believe the aliens were somehow real and involved with his life.

We all feel a bit like this, we want to believe there is a God and he's looking out for us. Back in the 1980's I did beach missions for the Church Army on the Isle of Man and in Blackpool, at the height of the summer holiday season. One day I was about to preach and and some Rastafarians had their music on so loud, nobody could hear a thing, I prayed that it would be turned down, and it was, just in time for me to preach, the Rastas and the holiday makers listened, and it all finished off with a group of Roman Catholics applauding, my prayer had been answered, there was no doubt in my mind.

Sometimes belief is just what's going on in your own head.

Glenn, you've accused us of arrogance here, because we are trying to tell the truth, yet nothing could be more arrogant than a tiny religion that claims that it alone has the truth, and when questioned runs and hides because it can't give a straight answer.
In a recent exchange with a UK Ecclesia , who were claiming that the birth of Prince George had something to do with the signs of the times, and used the old “Great Britain is Tarshish” line, as started by Dr Thomas, I asked a simple straight question:

You state that there is “good evidence” that the rulers of Britain will be the first to submit to the rule of the Lord Jesus. What good evidence? Nowhere can I find evidence that collaborates the Christadelphian belief that the location of Tarshish is Britain. The only references holding this belief appear to be Christadelphian. Please supply at least 2 references that support this notion, that are not Christadelphian in origin, most seem to believe that Tarshish is in Spain.

I got the following answers but it took three attempts to get them:
There are differences of understanding of the details of some prophecies amongst Christadelphians: the correct interpretation will only be revealed in its fulfillment, as has been the case in the past.

On pressing further this is the answer I got:

I understand perfectly well the import of your questions, but see little point in a prolonged debate with you about details of prophecy while you are expending so much more effort on these matters (and yet suggesting no alternative location for Tarshish) than on seeking a resolution to your estrangement.

So that is how it works, ask a straight question about a published text, get an evasive answer, press harder and get one that shows the question was ignored in the first place and before it can be discussed you must come back to the Christadelphians. It's difficult to escape the conclusion that a straight answer wasn't given because there was no straight answer.

You say that the search for the truth must start with humility. John Thomas certainly did not do that, did he?
 Robert Roberts thought that starving himself was somehow going to make him clever,but entirely predictably and without looking at the Bible at all, it made him ill.
 When he recovered in 1860 he believed the second coming was just eight years away, yet we are still waiting 145 years later. Why Glenn? Because the “Truth” is not the truth.

 Why can't you see that this blog IS a search for the truth?

I am not an apologist, and nor do I lack the strength of character to submit to the creator. I was was born in 1963 Christened in 1964, brought up in the Church of England, confirmed in 1975, sang soprano in the Church choir until my voice broke, was an alter boy and server, an evangelist and from 1998 to 2008 a practicing Christadelphian. The Bible and it's teaching have been part of my daily life for 49 of my 50 years. My brother is an Anglican minister, my cousin is a Baptist minister. Do I believe it? I don't know, some days I do and some days I don't, do I believe in God? Mostly not, but some days I get up and think I might! Do I believe the Christadelphians have the “Truth”? No I don't, do I believe in evolution? Yes-because there is evidence for it.

You say you haven't seen any evidence here for evolution, yet there are plenty of links you could look over. I have to say I don't like Richard Dawkins style either. But.... I'd like you to show YOUR evidence for the Bible being the word of God, you see when I go down to inspect a 6m deep excavation for some fuel tanks I'm putting in the ground for my job and I see the fossils falling out of the rocks, I know there is something there that I can pick up and see and marvel at. I don't believe in a God who would plant them there to fool me.

Don't take this as vindictive or spiteful, but you say left because you were thrown out for adultery. Not because you left because you wanted to. Maybe you never really left at all in your head. This can happen, you got thrown out for your sin but you remained trapped in your mind because you didn't make the decision for yourself, you were trapped as surely as if you had stayed. They decided the course of your life, not you. Why do you come here and have a go at us? You could walk away too.

We don't walk away because we know that there are some good people trapped inside the cult. My children are two of them. I don't want them lied to or having their prospects stunted by people who seek to protect a cult way of life and limit how they may use their own minds.

I hope you listened to the dinosaur talk, and the credit crunch talk. You said you didn't say whether you believed it or not, and that we'd made assumptions. Please clear the matter up and tell us whether you believe it or not. I'd like to discuss it with you.
I want you to understand why talking nonsense to a captive audience of which the female portion is not allowed to criticise or comment is not a means of forwarding the truth, whether you believe in the Bible or not. I want you to understand why I believe it to be a form of abuse. We “beat them to death” because they are false teachers, and, vitally nobody inside the Christadelphian movement will take them on. They nod, publish, deny, carry on, and with each passing day more and more people see their errors.

I'd like you to give John a break, he has better things to do than argue with you. Come and have a swipe at me, but before you do make sure you tell me the answers to the straight questions above, what you believe and where your evidence lies.

And remember.....the truth is out there

...And we are looking for it, please join us.

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