John Bedson
I'm becoming increasingly involved with the Lawrence Krauss/Richard Dawkins work of confronting believers of all faith based religions on a global scale. Krauss and I get on great. I call him "Jesus Krausst" :) We are discussing projects for the future and I have offered funding. I find it liberating to be freed from the small minded parochial thinking of the Christadelphians, who have a religion that is both extremely tiny and also dysfunctional compared to many other religions.

Christadelphians are fundamentalists; most religions don't work that way. They have the sense to see that Evolution is true, Noah's flood is a myth and that much of the Bible is the invention of humans.

My problem is that increasing numbers of my readers are from religions other than the Christadelphians and they are frustrated by the Christadelphian focus of this blog. They email saying that they want me to throw the blog open to all religions and remove the Christadelphian emphasis.

I'm tempted to do this and remove the word "Christadelphian" from the header to make the title "Unbelievers." I would keep the "Christadelphian Unbelief Explained" website solely for Christadelphians and also keep the "Christadelphian Escape" website for CD young people. But I rather like the idea of broadening out this blog to include all faith based religions and increasing the readership by offering material of interest to a wider audience.

Christadelphians would still find this blog of interest because we would be showing why faith based religion is erroneous. They would also be able to discuss with a wider mix of readers and commenters.

I want my regular readers to please think about this idea. You would benefit from a new influx of people with whom to discuss, who would have fresh ideas. You would also be able to move ahead with me to the exiting work of confronting all faith based religions. Instead of sixty thousand Christadelphians, we can work with a few billion people who need to be educated in the ways of reason, rational thinking, scepticism, empirical evidence and plain common sense. We could work with big names holding talks and discussions in big venues around the world to broadcast our message.

I think that it is healthy for Christadelphians to leave their mistakes behind. Firstly by becoming Christadelphian Unbelievers and then by forgetting all about the Christadelphians by simply being unbelievers. That is what I would like to do with my life. I want to move on.

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