It is ludicrous to claim that the God of the Bible is "Love."

He is revealed in the Scriptures as a vicious, jealous, megalomaniacal tribal god of exactly the sort of deity that a Seventh Century BCE unenlightened people might invent.

Adam was arrested by Angelic Police
and condemned to death by God, because
he chose the wrong fruit for lunch. 
What did he think that he was doing condemning all of mankind to death because their ancestor chose the wrong piece of fruit for lunch? What was in his mind that he condemned the human fair sex to labour in suffering, agony and often death with childbirth? That was evil on a cosmic scale. The sin of God was a trillion billion million times worse than Adam's innocent misunderstanding.
I repeat myself for the sake of my shocked Christadelphian readers. Adam and Eve were innocent. They did not commit a crime and they did not commit a sin. They were sentient beings and as such God had a moral responsibility to treat them with respect and with enlightenment. He failed the test that he set for himself because he acted illogically and impossibly for a being with his claimed attributes. In so doing he proved his own non-existence and the Genesis narrative to be a human myth..
Please wake up my dear readers. That story does not make any sense.  
God does not act in "mysterious ways." He acts in ways that are in accordance with human thinking in a barbaric, bygone age. He acts in ways that are indistinguishable from his non-existence.
That is why God does not openly reveal himself in our modern age of instant global communication and news coverage. He does not reveal himself because he cannot reveal himself. God is merely an invented character in an Iron Age book.
Let us all rejoice that God does not exist. Because if he did; the Bible has shown to us that he would be malevolent on a scale unknown in human history.
"The fool hath said in his heart "There is a God." - John Bedson

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