Freshwater Point Holiday Apartments
Surfer's Paradise
It is proposed to hold our first Ex-Christadelphians Bible School at Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, Australia sometime in 2014. The location will be Freshwater Point Holiday Apartments on T E Peters Drive at Broadbeach. Click here for details and prices.

All Ex-Christadelphians, Christadelphian Atheists, Out of Fellowship Christadelphians and Unbeliever Christadelphians are warmly invited to attend; together with Regular Christadelphians who would like to share our fellowship and fun. 
A typical apartment lounge interior

Surfer's Paradise in Australia is the ultimate holiday destination for families with children. Great theme parks such as Movie World, Water World, Sea World and others are located nearby. The beaches are superb and the shopping good. Our holiday apartments are four and a half star with a huge pool, gym, games room and views across the river. The location is very close to the beach and a large shopping mall. 

The purpose of our Bible School is to celebrate and enjoy the fellowship and friendship of likeminded Christadelphians who have come to reject the inspiration of the Bible and the existence of God. We will demonstrate that the good things about the Christadelphians can continue after we have evolved the community to ditch the theistic element that has caused so much harm and confusion in the past.

We are going to show what the Christadelphianism of the future looks like.

Christadelphian Agnostics and Theists of all fellowships are also welcome and their beliefs will be acknowledged and respected.
A typical Apartment bedroom interior

As we don't believe in the truth of the Bible it will not be necessary to bring a Bible to our Bible School. Nevertheless it is likely that scriptural matters will be discussed and a Bible might be worth bringing on the holiday.

There will be no:

Breaking of Bread
Bible readings
Thanks for meals
Christadelphian jargon like "God willing" etc
Compulsory wearing of hats for the sisters
Speculation about the "Signs of the Times"
Recording brethren
Arranging brethren

- But there will be lots of discussion about issues that interest us; together with trips to the beach and theme parks, good eating and lots of fun.

Christadelphians who live locally and who would like to join us during the day, without attending the full Bible School, will be welcomed as brethren and sisters. However they must understand that it is likely that their beliefs will be challenged in a friendly and loving spirit, by those who have moved on from an Iron Age religion and superstitious faith based thinking.

Numbers are likely to be small; but enthusiasm will be high and the famous Ex-Christadelphians' irreverent sense of humour will ensure a fantastic holiday for everyone.

If you are interested in attending, please check out the apartments here and contact John Bedson for more details of possible dates etc. Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com

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