The Taylor Prism confirming
Sennacherib's siege of Hezekiah.

One of several archaeological replicas
donated by John Bedson to the UK
Christadelphian Bible Exhibition
before he resigned in 1985.
Anonymous: I don't believe that the Bible is inspired by a God; but there is a lot of truth in the Bible. I have visited many different archaeological sites in Israel and it is wonderful to see Bible narrative being confirmed by archaeology.

As I type this note I have on my desk archaeological replicas purchased from some of the great museums of the world that prove parts of the Bible to be true.

I might upload some pictures one day. Do you see all that archaeological replica material in the UK Christadelphian Bible Exhibition? I commissioned and paid for all that stuff thirty years ago and gave it to the Bible Exhibition. You can't buy that in the museum shop. I got them to MAKE it!

I understand Bible archaeology better than almost any Christadelphian on the planet. I lectured on it for fifteen years. I still read all the latest books and keep abreast of developments.

Archaeology proves large parts of the Bible to be true. But is also proves vital parts, like the Exodus and Joshua conquering Canaan to be entirely false and mythological.

Worst of all it proves that the Jews are merely a Canaanite tribe that went monotheistic and nothing more. Modern Israel is an originally pagan Canaanite tribe that has returned to their homeland of Canaan. Even most Israeli academics now agree with that amazing statement. It's true. And because it is true, Christadelphianism is bunk.

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